Charity Begins At Home

What a difference a year makes, or in the case of Rosemere Cancer Foundation’s 20 Years Anniversary Appeal, just 10 months

It was back last March that the charity, which works to bring world class cancer treatments and services to patients throughout Lancashire and South Cumbria, launched the appeal with its £1.5 million target to fund a trio of ground-breaking projects at Rosemere Cancer Centre, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of its opening.

The LTHTR (Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust) centre at the Royal Preston Hospital is Lancashire and South Cumbria’s specialist regional cancer treatment centre. It provides all radiotherapy, plus specialist diagnostic services and surgery, complex chemotherapy and other highly specialised care and was specifically built to make accessing the above easier for local patients, who previously had to travel to Manchester’s The Christie Hospital. For some, at the region’s furthest edges, this journey alone could be as much as a five hour round car trip.

The appeal’s launch was an ambitious ask as Dan Hill, Rosemere Cancer Foundation’s head of fundraising, is first to admit, but any initial worries he and his team had have long since evaporated. Donations now totalling £1 million have already been received and the centre is the proud possessor of the north of England’s first and only Da Vinci xi robotic surgeon – the world’s most advanced robotic surgical system and the number one item on the appeal’s wish list.

Dan explained: “The robotic surgical system has been used in more than 100 procedures already, some of which are clinical firsts in the UK. It’s made a huge impact. Patients who would have been in hospital for seven to 10 days following conventional surgery are now in and out within 48 hours of keyhole surgery performed using the Da Vinci xi.

“Some of these patients may not have previously been eligible for keyhole surgery because of a higher BMI (body mass index) but the enhanced capabilities of the xi make it possible for them to also now experience its benefits. We have to ensure we can keep it here for ever, but to do that, we need to achieve the remainder of our appeal target.”

If you are interested in raising money, why not create memories that will last a lifetime by joining Rosemere Cancer Foundation’s Great Wall of China Walk this October. Over six days, you will trek a 40km section of the wall from Huangyaguan to Beijing, staying in guest houses and hotels en route with your fellow walkers, who will include a dedicated guide and a team doctor. Flights, accommodation and nearly all meals are included in your experience. If you self-fund, the trip costs are a £299 booking fee and a balance of £1730 to be paid 10 weeks before travel. You are then asked to raise as much sponsorship as you can (no minimum requirement).

To find out more please contact Dan Hill either on 07850 770530 or



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