Cycle to work or embark on an outdoor adventure with one of the latest super-fun electric bicycles. Photography: DocB Photography

Reacting to the booming industry that has seen electric bicycles soar in popularity, Ribble Valley-based I Cycle Electric has opened its doors at Huntley’s Country Stores in Samlesbury, where there is a whole range of e-bikes to try before you buy.

At I Cycle Electric, there are 15 different brands of electric cycle, including world renowned Benelli and Ebco, for visitors to test ride around the grounds to discover just why the electric bike industry is the largest growing sector within the bike trade.

“Electric bikes open up a whole new world for lots of people,” says I Cycle’s Ian Gibbs.

“The older age group who are former bike riders can re-engage with the sport, while those totally new can confidently ride up hills by switching on the motor when they need a little extra help.”

“Cyclists still need to pedal but they can go further and faster by switching on the motor, they still get exercise and they still get lots of fresh air.”

Another sector that the e-cycle appeals to is those who want to replace their car and ride to work or the shops: “We are seeing more and more people riding to work on an electric bike. If you are travelling up to 15 miles the e-bike will get you there on full power, so you arrive cool and composed.”

The motor element on an e-bike can be introduced at any time and at varying levels according to how much assistance you need and when it’s ready for a charge you can plug it in either on the bike itself or take the battery off and charge it remotely.

“How far the bike will take you is a bit like miles per gallon,” says Ian. “We give realistic estimates and we talk to people so we can recommend the perfect make and model for their requirements. The minimum mileage you can expect is 25 miles of assisted cycling,” says Ian, who has 16 demo bikes at the I Cycle Electric shop, some of which feature premium Bosch motors.

“Because we are not tied to one particular brand, we can give totally impartial advice.”

Live Magazines’ Victoria Buckley embarked on a mini-adventure of her own when she took an I Cycle Electric test ride at Huntley’s: “I haven’t ridden a bike in years so I initially declined the offer to test one of the electric bikes at I Cycle,” says Vicky.
“But I then gave in and rode around Huntley’s, and beyond, and it was super-amazing! You pedal but when the motor kicks in you can go faster and hills were no problem. It was also easy to control. They are perfect for a weekend adventure – I got off the bike with a huge smile on my face. It was such fun! I definitely want an electric bike! I would highly recommend them.”

I Cycle Electric
Huntley’s Country Stores
Huntley Gate Farm
Whalley Road
Samlesbury PR5 0UN
01772 877441
Open every day (except Tuesdays) 9.30am – 5pm.



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