Divorce And Co-Parenting

Over Christmas And Beyond

The Christmas break can be a challenging time for divorced or separating parents but many of these challenges can be managed by following these useful tips when considering arrangements for your children over the festive period, explains Emma Procter, solicitor at Farleys

As a family law solicitor, I often find that my colleagues and I become extraordinarily busy at this time of the year when we are frequently approached by clients looking to resolve disputes over one or the other’s plans for the holidays. While this may come in the form of applications to the court, more often than not, these disputes can be solved without the need to deal with delays in the family courts.

Christmas is for children – While we can all get into the festive spirit and enjoy the occasion, the magic of Christmas is most important for the children. Regardless of your feelings for each other as ex-partners, your plans should have the wishes of your children at the heart of them.

Children are not just for Christmas – Or, what I’m trying to say, is that the Christmas holidays are more than just one day. Whether it’s the excitement of Christmas Eve, leaving the mince pies out for Santa, or enjoying the leftover turkey and board games on Boxing Day, there are plenty of days for you to arrange for each parent and their families to spend time with the children.

Be organised, communicate and alternate – The sooner you open discussions about Christmas plans, the more time you have to make arrangements which suit everyone instead of rushing into a plan which leaves one person disappointed or bitter. Be willing to compromise where possible and explore the option of alternating arrangements the following year.

Christmas can be such an emotive time for separated families, but it does not have to be. Be kind and considerate, realistic, put aside differences for one day and allow your children to experience the magic of Christmas with each parent.

If you’re still struggling to come to arrangements for Christmas or any other time of year and are looking for support or advice, whether through mediation or an application to the family courts, our experts at Farleys are on hand to help.

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