Good For People And Planet

Sustainable or ‘responsible’ travel is the buzzword of the moment, but it’s so much more than the latest top trend. Travel counsellor Joanne Wilson explains

Day by day we’re waking up to the fact that we should be as kind to our planet as we are to our pocket, ensuring that the locations and communities we love to visit across the globe are preserved for generations to come.

As a Travel Counsellor, I run my business as sustainably as possible from my home office, or from any location that allows my customers to keep in touch with me. This care and attention I show to my customers also informs how I craft the travel experiences they crave, with many travellers now keen to ensure the enduring impact of their tourism has a positive impact for the planet.

As with most day-to-day activities, it’s no secret that taking a trip creates carbon emissions. There are ways and means to reduce this impact, however, such as reducing your footprint by opting to train travel where possible or offsetting with schemes such as Travel Counsellors’ partnership with Trees4Travel, who oversee a wealth of carbon reducing projects across the globe, including planting more trees to absorb CO2. I have also personally signed my business up to this scheme too.

Happily, all manner of accommodation options now support the idea of making greener choices, and to make the decision easier. Travel Counsellors’ bespoke booking platform enables me to search through hundreds of accommodations badged with our ‘Green Leaf’ logo – this means that they meet special criteria certified by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council, highlighting the fact that they’re working to support their community and cultural heritage, reduce negative impact on the local environment, and plan for their futures with sustainability front of mind.

Travellers can support the people in the communities they visit by shopping and eating at locally owned businesses. Not only does this benefit the locals, but all of our customer feedback suggests that you’ll enjoy a truer taste of the location and make more authentic memories. What’s more, taking part in these experiences helps create and maintain job opportunities in the local area.

Similarly, we encourage the conservation of natural habitats and their wildlife, with the best way to view wild animals being when they are living freely. All of my bookings adhere to Travel Counsellors’ animal welfare policy, acting as an essential guide to ensure I create the best wildlife viewing experiences for you, whilst also ensuring the safety and welfare of any animals you may encounter along the way.

In summary, through education, knowledge-sharing and showing care to people and the planet, we CAN travel responsibly.



Tedd Walmsley

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