Grab Yourself Some Winter Sun

The months of January to March are usually the hardest. Christmas is over, and the dark days and nights just seem to go on for ever, writes Tracy Hargreaves

But the early part of the new year is a good time to go away and there are some great places to visit where you can escape for a bit of winter sun. Ditch the new you and go for a new place to go. Pre- Valentine’s Day is a slow season, so chances are you can grab a bargain.

If skiing isn’t your thing then there are plenty of other destinations which are a bit more relaxing. Try a trip to the Caribbean, with its daily average nine hours of sunshine, beautiful beaches, barbecues and reggae, what’s not to like.

The Canary Islands are always popular, and a favourite is Lanzarote. It offers a chance to both relax, but also has lots to see and do should you choose and is surrounded by spectacular volcanic scenery. You won’t be disappointed.

Cape Verde in January offers temperatures around 25 degrees and guaranteed sunshine. Hidden in the mid-Atlantic, it’s a cluster of islands, which are both beautiful and mysterious. Great for diving and exploring, it’s definitely a destination worth considering.

Burma is stunning at any time of year but in January, there’s little rain, lots of sunshine and is just the right temperature. This country has untouched beaches, ancient temples and an amazing culture. Here you get the chance to walk under a mountain to visit some Buddhist caves, hop on a boat to a deserted beach, swim under waterfalls or take a motorbike tour. Not your average holiday.

If you fancy Thailand, then it is peak season in January. But it offers something for everyone. There’s the chance to party until dawn, learn to scuba dive, eat the best Thai food, island hop, enjoy a yoga retreat or simply spend a bit of romantic time with your loved one. The islands are picture postcard stunning and you’ll return with wonderful memories and wanting to go back for more.

Visit South Africa and go on safari, where you can stay at some incredible lodges and encounter the local wildlife. It also has amazing food and of course amazing wine. What’s more South Africa is on the same time zone so no jet lag.

Mexico is the perfect place to go in January. There are plenty of activities you can do for free, so it’s ideal if you are travelling on a tight budget. It has history, culture, adventure sports, local traditions and amazing beaches. Plus its capital is a huge, vibrant city where ancient meets modern.

Take an adventure next year and go somewhere different. Travel really does broaden the mind.



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