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Ribble Valley MP Nigel Evans visits a spring forum in Qatar, meets his old chum Gyles Brandreth and is shocked to discover that someone has set up a fake Instagram account in his name

The atrocities of the Ukraine war fill our media daily and I watch in disbelief how inhumane and cruel Russian troops are towards civilians in towns throughout the country. I fear things will get much worse before they get better – but President Putin has blood-stained hands and must be brought before international courts to answer for his crimes. This is his war and he must not win or be allowed to get away with appalling acts of violence and the execution of innocent people.

I visited Qatar to attend the annual spring forum, where President Zelensky Zoomed into the conference hall to speak to delegates from several countries. His request for assistance and increasing sanctions against the Putin regime were met with acclamation. The conference spoke of other world issues including spiralling energy costs. Qatar is moving in the right direction on democracy whilst Russia ignores it. At least there is some hope in some parts of the world whilst dark clouds hover over others. 

I met a politician from another far-flung territory, which had also faced invasion from a foreign neighbour – The Falklands. The Honourable Leona Roberts was telling me of their preparations to commemorate 40 years since the start of the Falklands war – there is to be a service in Westminster to mark the occasion.

I went to see an old chum of mine, wit and raconteur, Gyles Brandreth on the stage in London. He was simply incredible in his energetic one-man show and in the second half, his Ukraine jumper was worn to great effect, which will be auctioned to support Ukraine charities.

As a brief warning, I was shocked to find that someone has started a fake Instagram account in my name with attempts to get my unwitting followers to invest in a crypto currency scam. Please be aware that scammers are out there – if it doesn’t look right, it probably isn’t!

Pupils came from Barrow School to visit Parliament and it was wonderful talking with them. They were full of ideas – high on their list was to tackle too much housebuilding and the speed of cars through our villages. I think we may have a few future MPs in Barrow!

Three cheers to the Speaker, Sir Lindsay Hoyle, for allowing visitors to Westminster to tour the State Apartments which he presides over. This is the first time it has ever been open for tours and I heartily recommend it.

Finally, I visited Windsor Castle to watch HRH Prince Edward present new colours to the Royal Gibraltar Regiment. It was the first time I have ever witnessed such a presentation and it was full of pomp in the most glorious of settings.

I spoke with Prince Edward after the ceremony and he was surprised when I told him I was celebrating 30 years as an MP this month. It has been a huge privilege for me representing you in Parliament and when I raise a glass of wine at the Speaker’s celebration dinner it will be to say thank-you to those of you who have put me here over three decades.

It will also be to remember those who have supported me and are no longer with us. I remember the early years and I remember them and always will. Thank-you and God bless the Ribble Valley and its people.



Tedd Walmsley

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