House Surveys – Which One’s For Me?

There’s an endless list of things to consider when buying a home and a common area for concern and confusion is surveys and valuations. Chartered Surveyors Lea Hough can explain all you need to know, writes Catherine Mallord

Whether you require a basic valuation assessment, a homebuyer report or an in depth building survey report, the friendly team at Lea Hough will explain the process from start to finish so that you have a full understanding of the various options, to ensure you choose the right survey for you.

Martin Kerry is a chartered surveyor within Lea Hough’s survey and valuation team and has been surveying houses across Lancashire for over 30 years.

He says: “An all too common misconception that people make in the house buying process is that a mortgage valuation will suffice as a survey.”

“A valuation is typically carried out for mortgage purposes and is done so for the benefit of the lender and not the buyer – it is purely to confirm the value of the property to secure the loan.

“A valuation does not: identify any repairs that would be necessary, highlight any structural issues that may require attention, assess the condition of the roof or loft, or identify potential damp problems – and these are the crucial things that a homeowner needs to know about.

“To find out about these defects and other important issues, buyers most commonly opt for a RICS homebuyer report and valuation. This is a condition survey that assesses and summarises the condition of a house. It highlights any defects and provides priority ratings on the basis of urgency to detail the repairs required. This type of report also assesses the market value of the house, taking into account the repairs that the surveyor has identified.”

“A survey is especially advisable for older properties, particularly buildings that have been unusually constructed or undergone structural alterations or extensions. For such properties, a building survey report is often most suitable – which is the most detailed in-depth structural report.”

“Besides being informative, a good survey will help a buyer to budget properly for repairs and possibly even enable them to renegotiate the purchase price.”

Whether you are a first time buyer wanting to know if your dream house is a sound investment, or an experienced landlord with a portfolio of properties – buying or selling, Lea Hough provide survey and valuation expertise for all types of properties throughout Lancashire.

In addition to surveys and valuations for residential properties, Lea Hough also offers a wide range of commercial property and construction services. From design drawings, to planning permission, property management, dilapidations and everything in between, Lea Hough’s specialist expertise is equalled by its exceptional local knowledge of the Lancashire market.

The RICS regulated firm has main offices in Blackburn and Preston, as well as branches in Lancaster and Clitheroe. For more information visit:

Lea Hough Chartered Surveyors
Blakewater House, Phoenix Business Park
Off Blakewater Road, Blackburn BB1 5RW
01254 260196



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