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Unfortunately, gone are the days when we could leave our doors open and our cars unlocked. We now have to keep our houses and our property secure, writes Tracy Hargreaves

We spend a lot of money on our homes and gardens, not to mention all the modern gadgets and technology that we have inside and outside, but a lot of people still don’t think about keeping them safe. However, with a few simple steps, you can do your bit to deter a break in, lose your possessions or have them damaged.

A lot of burglaries are opportunists who will try car door handles and back doors. Even when you are in the house, keep your downstairs windows shut and your doors locked. It doesn’t take long for someone to quickly enter your house, take a handbag and be out again. Take all valuables out of your car or move them out of sight, sat navs, mobile phones, bags, shopping bags and loose change are all easy targets.

Don’t post you are away on holiday all over social media or ‘check in’ to your location. Save your holiday snaps until you are back. You don’t know who your posts are being shared with and it’s a clear giveaway that your house is empty.

Don’t forget about your shed or garage. If you have expensive tools or bikes, register them online with, the national UK property register, which helps improve the chances of getting your items back in the event of loss or theft. Make sure you don’t have any broken windows, and good locks. If possible secure your bike inside the outbuilding with additional locks to make it harder to take and add an alarm. If you have outside lighting, try and position over the key areas so they come on when disturbed.

If you have recently moved to a new house, get your locks changed. Even though the estate agent will hand over all the keys to your property, you won’t know who has got any extra sets from the previous owners. It might seem unnecessary but will ensure you sleep safe and sound.

Try and alter your routine. Sometimes offenders will watch properties to see when people are going about their daily routine, so they know when the house is empty. Change your start and finish time at work, get someone to bob round during the day or leave a car on the drive.

October is National Home Security Month. For further tips and advice on how to look after your home, visit



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