With some gentle climbs this ride is not particularly challenging but it is more than worth it in terms of wonderful scenery

Start Point: Spring Wood car park above Whalley on A671
Distance: 23 miles approximately
Time: 2-3 hours
Terrain: Mostly flat with occasional gentle climbs

This is a great bike ride starting and finishing in Whalley taking in some fantastic views and lovely villages.

1 Start at Spring Wood car park above Whalley on the A671 then cross the main road and descend to Whalley. At the first mini roundabout turn left and onto the bridge over the River Calder and follow the main road through Billington. Then turn right at the mini roundabout by the war memorial.

2 Follow this lane to pass through the hamlet of Old Langho. About half a mile past the village look for a right turn signposted Dinckley.

3 Follow this lane to a T junction by a bridge over the River Ribble then turn right to go over the bridge.

4 Continue to Ribchester, turn right at the T junction. (If you divert here by turning left at the T junction to the centre of Ribchester you will come to stunning views of the river looking towards Pendle Hill).

5 This is a nice gentle climb of two to three miles up to Longridge. On reaching the Corporation Arms bear left with the main road.

6 Continue until the road rises at the brow of the hill, then bear left with the main road, then after 80 yards turn right onto the main street in Longridge. Descend on this main road to the mini roundabout at the bottom. Take care on this road it can get very busy with many parked cars.

7 Turn right at the mini roundabout and follow this road out of Longridge bearing right with the main road past the Alston Arms.

8 Continue on this road for two to three miles and look for a right turn signposted Chipping. Turn right and continue to the T junction in the centre of Chipping village and then turn right. This is a great point for a break with many pubs and cafés for refreshments.

9 Continue on this main road out of Chipping which gently descends to go past the Gibbon Bridge Hotel.

10 Continue on this road through Walker Fold at the edge of Longridge Fell then a long fast descent to cross the River Hodder again with a short steep hill following. A further quarter of a mile brings you to a crossroad. Turn right here and turn right again at the next T junction.

11 Descend through Mitton Green then left onto a minor road as the main road swings right.

12 Follow this road until the road dips (beware of potholes) then the road climbs to another T junction. Take a glance at the beautiful church on the left.

13 Turn left here and descend over the river and follow the road to Whalley.

14 Turn right at the first mini roundabout, through the town centre, then left at the next roundabout, next climb back to the traffic lights and car park.




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