This walks starts and ends in Hurst Green and follows riverside paths and takes in some picturesque countryside

Hurst Green Circular
Start point:    Hurst Green
Distance:    6-7 miles
Time:    3 hours

Start off in the village of Hurst Green and walk down towards the war memorial and the Shireburn Arms. The pathway starts at the gate in the Shireburn car park. Take the route downhill following a ditch and after approximately 300 yards cross the ditch and continue to walk towards the wooded area.

Cross the stile over the beck and walk down to the River Ribble where the Ribble Way follows the river to the farm next to Winckley Hall where the path goes through the farmyard leading uphill.

As the track bends left there is a waymarker on the right next to a small gate. Aim towards St Mary’s Hall in the distance, go through a second gate and follow the edge of the wood. The path ends at the road near a bus shelter – turn right and walk down to Lower Hodder Bridge.

From the bridge you can see historic Cromwell’s Bridge – turn left from the road directly before the bridge and take the path which runs alongside the Hodder. Go through the kissing gate and eventually the riverside path starts to climb into Hodder Woods at Hodder Place. When you see the three directional waymarker continue on the path and wooden steps leads to the top of the high escarpment overlooking the river. The path descends by steps and footbridges to the riverbank and continues to Upper Hodder Bridge.

Retrace the path from the bridge for the return path a few yards to the right after crossing the first footbridge. Follow the narrow path uphill and turn right to descend over a footbridge and stile then bear right up the field to the next stile. Follow the fence on the left and go by Ryddings Farm to continue along the roadway. Before the next house turn left through a gate, bear right and walk uphill to Birdy Brow.

A sign points the way following the line of mature trees – aim right of the wood ahead. Cross the stream to the right of a large pipe and ascend towards a gate where you bear right over the field and follow the fence downhill to a stile and sign. The path is now well marked and continues over stiles to meet a farm track which leads to the road.

Turn right and then left into the grounds of Stonyhurst College. The route goes in front of the college and past the church where you will see a sign on the right. Follow the edge of the wood and hedge, through three swing gates and back into Hurst Green.



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