Making The Impossible Possible

Using their extensive knowledge to create unique properties, ZMA has a proven track record in making clients’ dreams come true

Zara Moon Architects (ZMA) have become something of an enigma in the design world – making the seemingly impossible, possible, transforming sites and creating extraordinary living spaces.

Working very differently from most architects, Zara and co-founder Paul Beneduce along with their creative and energetic young team, specialise in sensitive sites, working in minute detail to comply with all planning requirements in order to create stunning properties.

ZMA’s number one priority is to get the design right first time in order to achieve the required result.

Working with sites in green belt, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), conservation areas and open countryside, ZMA carry out in-depth research into the site history, location and site constraints in order to create inspired designs that maximise value and undoubtedly provide the wow-factor.

“Your home is a representation of yourself, we listen to what our clients want from their home, what makes them tick and how they want to live. We then translate this into their bespoke home tailored to their family’s specific needs, whilst responding to the site and planning policy,” says Zara.

Ribble Valley-based ZMA recently scored a planning hat trick – within one month, obtaining permission from three different local authorities to build on three different sensitive sites.

One of these sites is located in Chorley greenbelt: “There is currently a bungalow on the site and the house had reached its extension limitations for a greenbelt site. The best option to increase the size of the house, while still complying with greenbelt planning policy, was to completely replace it with a high quality, contemporary, sustainable home. We basically transformed the volume of an average three-bedroom bungalow into a super home, maximising the available space and value of the site.

“We are passionate about fulfilling our clients’ hopes and dreams through architecture and pride ourselves in thoughtful and considered designs which incorporate our clients’ hobbies, children, pets and lifestyles,” adds Paul.

ZMA’s most luxurious homes have included wellness suites, outdoor kitchens, equestrian facilities, swimming pools, bowling alleys, cinema rooms, music studios, dog rooms, beauty rooms, yoga studios, indoor-outdoor courtyards and even an underground boxing ring.

ZMA excel at finding solutions going above and beyond clients’ expectations in order to get the desired result. Currently working with 20 different local authorities on various projects, ZMA drills into the detail to ensure their planning applications meet all the exact requirements.

“We often work on sites which others have deemed ‘impossible’. We love it when we make the impossible, possible,” says Zara.

Zara Moon Architects
We transform sites, buildings, and lives.
Unit 37, Mitton Road Business Park
Mitton Road, Whalley BB7 9YE
01200 403840



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