A passion for quality is the driving force behind Ann Forshaw’s luxury yogurts

Produced in a range of fruity flavours, Ann Forshaw’s farmhouse yogurts are made from milk from the Alston Dairy herd, using live cultures. Natural and fully loaded with delicious ingredients, Ann Forshaw’s yogurts are a luxurious treat!

They are also gluten free making them suitable for coeliacs and vegetarians. Ann Forshaw and her 30-strong team at Alston Dairy are delighted to be part of the Bowland Food Hall experience with their handmade yogurts, which remain true to tradition.

Set up by Ann Forshaw over 35 years ago, the Alston Dairy site where the yogurts are made has recently undergone a major refurbishment, doubling in size and adding a mezzanine to increase production capacity.

The expansion and new signage will take the dairy into the future – confident that while their production methods are truly in the 21st century, their luxury yogurts remain ultimately traditional.

Later this year the dairy is set to launch a new layered product – a yogurt topped fruit compote presented in a glass jar. This will also be available at Bowland Food Hall as well as the Alston Dairy shop.

Ann Forshaw’s Alston Dairy
Longridge PR3 3BJ
01772 782621



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