Supporting self-sufficiency and a better future for rural women artisans, online store The Elephant Head has partnered with charity Aham Bhumika in India

The Elephant Head is demonstrating a commitment to sustainable working practices in India by partnering with Indian charity, Aham Bhumika. The homeware and artisan craft store is offering a beautiful range of cushion covers for sale on their website. Each one has been hand-embroidered by an artisan from a village on the outskirts of Bhopal, India, as part of the Embroidery Project, an Aham Bhumika initiative.

Based in Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh in India, Aham Bhumika is a Non-Government Organisation that works to equip underprivileged women living in rural areas with the skills they need to earn a living and become self-sufficient. So far, the Embroidery Project has taught more than 30 women how to create products such as sarees, tote bags and cushion covers, which they can then sell to generate an income.

“The Elephant Head features goods that are created by independent, small-scale artisan groups, co-ops and workshops,” said Aarathi, Founder of The Elephant Head. “Our homeware is created to blend in with contemporary homes while respecting authentic and traditional art and craft. All our products are practical, beautiful and crafted with love using local materials and time-honoured skills. That’s certainly the case with the Aham Bhumika charity-made cushion covers. And, we believe our customers will love them. Their quality and attention to detail make them a wonderful and unique addition to any home, or business.”

Ten different designs are available to choose from, and there’s something for everyone, from the fun, the quirky, and the vibrant, to the sophisticated, charming and elegant. Each square cushion cover is modestly priced, measures 16×16 inches, is made from cotton, and has a tie-back fastening so it can be removed from the cushion for washing.

Many of the designs on the cushion covers are inspired by Gond art, a tribal art form of Central India. Gond art is particularly evident in the Gond Deer cushion (£19.50), a whimsical pink deer with sprawling antlers, and the Turbaned Indian Man (£19.50), which is certain to evoke a smile. It is inspired by a Kisan, a stereotypical, bidi-smoking farmer with a big turban and exaggerated moustache.

Other designs include delightful Bugs and Butterflies (£17.50), Colourful Bunting (£16.50) and the slightly mystical Birds (£17.50) and Sea Creatures (£17.50).

For those who prefer monochrome or geometrical patterns, the Circular Patterned Cushion (£16.50) and Geometric Cushion Cover (£16.50) are inspired by Sashiko, a form of Japanese folk embroidery.

When customers purchase a cushion from The Elephant Head, they are supporting the charity, Aham Bhumika. Customers benefit from a quality cushion that has been pre-shrunk and pre-washed for their convenience, and they are also helping to fund this incredibly worthwhile organisation.




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