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Micro-share ownership opens up a whole new world for those interesting in horse racing

Horse racing conjures up images of elegance, speed and grandeur. So, consider this. What if you could be part of this thrilling world not as a spectator but as an owner? Micro-share ownership is a booming trend and it’s bringing a host of benefits to individuals looking to dip their toe into the exciting world of horse racing.

SPORT OF KINGS: While horse racing is often associated with the wealthy, micro-share ownership is changing that concept. You don’t need deep pockets to be a part of this sport as even a small investment can grant you a share in a racehorse.

CELEBRATE VICTORY: When your horse crosses the finish line first the exhilaration is unbeatable. Micro-share ownership lets you experience this thrill without high costs, making it a fantastic way to share in the excitement.

LEARNING OPPORTUNITY: As a racehorse owner you will have a unique learning experience to gain insight into the world of breeding, training and racing that you might not get as a casual racegoer.

GET CONNECTED: Micro-share ownership often comes with membership to racing clubs or syndicates, which means you’ll meet like-minded individuals, who share your passion. The social aspect of horse racing is often underestimated.

COSTS: Unlike sole ownership, micro-shares typically can start from £50 and have no ongoing costs. This means you won’t be burdened with unexpected expenses or the responsibility of looking after your horse’s welfare.

PROFESSIONAL GUIDANCE: You’ll have access to the wisdom and guidance of experienced trainers and owners who know the industry inside out. This invaluable insight can help you make informed decisions about your investments.

DIVERSITY: The world of horse racing has traditionally been exclusive, but micro-shares are breaking down barriers with owners from all backgrounds and walks of life, fostering a more inclusive and diverse racing community.

UPDATES: With micro-shares, you’ll often receive regular updates on your horse’s progress, training and racing schedule. This keeps you engaged and connected to the sport.

INVESTMENT: While the primary motivation is the love of the sport, micro-share ownership can also have investment potential. If your horse performs well, you may see returns on your investment making a potentially lucrative pastime.

SATISFACTION: Owning a share in a racehorse is a source of personal pride. It’s an achievement that brings immense satisfaction, whether your horse wins or simply gives its best effort on the track.

Micro-share ownership of racehorses in the UK is transforming horse racing into a more accessible and inclusive experience. It’s an opportunity for people of all backgrounds to turn the dream of owning a racehorse into an achievable reality. So, whether you’re an experienced racing enthusiast or a complete newcomer, consider taking a micro-share in a racehorse – a thrilling journey awaits you at the heart of the UK’s racing world. There will be more details about micro-shares in the next issue.



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