Redeveloped Sixth Form

A newly, redeveloped Sixth Form is due to open in Blackburn in September 2021

A new A-Level study centre that will form part of Blackburn College, will see a redevelopment project and an extension added to a building that opened in 2007 – and the creation of Blackburn Sixth Form.

Blackburn Sixth Form will be an environment with a unique academic ethos, however, there will also be new enrichment activities, an enhanced tutorial model, work experience weeks linking in with major employers and support for parents.

The announcement follows a successful year of A-Level recruitment and significant increases in A-Level grades achieved in 2019/20.

Alongside the launch of Blackburn Sixth Form will be the launch of three new professional pathways of study – Law, Business and Science – which will allow students to combine A-Levels and an industry-relevant qualification.

Dr Fazal Dad, Principal and Chief Executive at Blackburn College said: “This is an exciting redevelopment that will transform A-Level and academic studies in Blackburn and give A-Level students a truly dedicated, academic Sixth Form study experience.

“The expansion of our A-Level delivery with the introduction of new A-Level subjects including Music and the new A-Level pathways, highlight our determination to be a Further Education leader in Lancashire for A-Levels.

“The College is investing in providing the best possible education resources for future students.

“There will be a large-scale building project that will see the creation of new study spaces resulting in a new, impressive Sixth Form for Blackburn.

“This news follows our 100 per cent A-Level pass rate in 21 subjects and our increase in A*, A and B grades in 2019/20.”

To find more information about A-Level courses, and to apply for the 2021/22 academic year please visit:



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