Saying “I Do” In Lancashire

Getting married or forming your civil partnership is one of the most special and treasured occasions of your life. The Lancashire Registration service understand that choosing the right location for a ceremony is an important decision

You can get married or form your civil partnership in Lancashire no matter where you live. Lancashire has everything to create the perfect setting for your ceremony from historic buildings, stone-built villages, coastal contrasts, rural retreats to beautiful scenery and riverside settings. We have more than one hundred premier venues that have been legally approved for ceremonies. Some of the venues have outside spaces in their grounds that have also been approved.

What is marriage and civil partnership in England and Wales legally?
It is the union of two people who are aged 18 or over and free to marry or form a civil partnership i.e., not in a marriage or civil partnership already.

What are the important steps that couples need to take to plan their perfect day?
1. Decide on a venue, ensure it is legally approved and available.

2. The next step is to book the ceremony with one of our experienced Ceremonies Officers, who will reserve the registrars for your special day. In England and Wales for a ceremony to be legal, you need two registrars to attend your ceremony. In Lancashire, ceremonies can be booked three years in advance. You will be required to pay the full fee at the time of booking.

3. The main legal task that a lot of couples don’t realise they need to do is giving what is called their individual ‘notice of intention’ in the council office where each person lives. You can’t attend to give notice of intention and have a ceremony straight away. There needs to be at least twenty-nine days before your ceremony date (up to seventy-one days if either party is subject to immigration control) to gain legal clearance for your ceremony to proceed. And ‘notices’ are only valid for twelve months so couples can’t do this task legally more than a year before the date of their ceremony.

How much is my ceremony going to cost, and how do I contact the Ceremonies Officer to check availability of the registrars?
To view the fees and charges and contact the Ceremonies Officers, please go to:

What can I expect on the day of the ceremony?
Registrars can include personalised content into your ceremony, they are professional and will deliver a heartfelt ceremony. Saying “I do” in front of friends and family can be a nerve-racking time however, our registrars will be on hand to help and guide you every step of the way so you can relax and enjoy your day.



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