Should I Stay or Should I Go Now?

2020 is certainly going to be etched in our memories, but how about making 2022 the year to remember for all the right reasons, writes Sarah Freeman. Photography: Sarah Freeman

Now is a great time to start planning your next holiday. There’s also been a shift in the type of holiday consumers are looking for.

Private villa bookings in Greece have rocketed as people look to remain in their own bubble, as has experiential and small group touring as people want to explore a little more off the beaten track and stay in less populated areas. Self-drive and campervan holidays are also seeing an increase and the UK continues to appeal to those not wanting to stray too far from home.

Finally, Indian Ocean bookings and especially the Maldives are popular for the ultimate in seclusion.

The travel industry has seen how consumer choice has changed in 2020 and the variety of offerings out there now is simply incredible. With the silver lining that for 2021/22 once overly crowded tourist destinations will be less busy. Here’s some hot destinations to look at:

Iceland – the land of fire and ice with its waterfalls and volcanoes continues in popularity combining whale watching, snowmobiling and off-road touring activities with its gentler pursuits of hiking, Northern Lights viewing and bathing in geo-thermal waters

Costa Rica – as eco travel continues to grow, this Central America country with more than six per cent of the world’s biodiversity grows in appeal to the sustainability market

Vietnam – with hotel investments on the rise, this South East Asian gem is becoming a travel hotspot, with accommodation to suit all budgets, amazing food and easy touring options

Namibia – with its rich history, expansive desert and abundance of endangered wildlife, this destination offers travellers something new and exciting to experience

Qatar – gaining popularity due to its fascinating culture, Doha skyscrapers, deserts and pristine beaches, being recognised as the safest country in the world and hosting the FIFA World Cup in 2022

Slovenia – offering stunning natural scenery, Slovenia is now a big hitting foodie hotspot as 2020 saw the launch of its first Michelin Guide and it was named European Region of Gastronomy for 2021

New Zealand – on most people’s bucket lists, never ending appeal for those who love jaw dropping scenery, isolation and outdoor activities galore

Now you’ve been inspired, what do you need to look out for when planning your trip?

• Does the destination have a travel corridor?
• Are the borders open and is the country accepting tourists?
• Do I need a visa? How long does my passport need to be valid for?
• Do I need to quarantine on arrival or on return?
• Do I need a Covid test, how many hours before and which type?
• Do I need the Covid vaccine?
• What entry forms do I need to complete?
• Do I need to download a country specific app?
• Which travel insurance partner will cover me for Covid?

Sarah Freeman lived in New York for 12 years and has visited 85 countries and counting.

Sarah Freeman – Travel Counsellor



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