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Catherine Robinson meets a family of master jewellers, creating bespoke jewellery in the Ribble Valley

Jewellery represents the memories, joys and loves of our lives, and has done throughout history. Where better then, to buy a bespoke personal piece from a three-generation family of goldsmiths, right here in the Ribble Valley?

Huppach Jewellers of Barnoldswick was established in 1978 by Friedrich Huppach. Now, after over 35 years of working in jewellery manufacture in Manchester, Stefan, the founder’s son, has returned to the family fold bringing not only his wealth of experience but his jeweller son Declan, who works beside him.

Stefan and Declan pride themselves on using traditional skills alongside state-of-the-art technology. Both are used in the crafting of the unique items on sale in Huppach Jewellers, and never more effectively than when creating their client inspired pieces: “Our bespoke experience puts you at the heart of the jewellery design process,” explains Stefan. “During an initial consultation, we design the item you’ve envisaged and discuss all aspects from the style and shape of metal through to cut, colour and clarity of the gemstones. We then follow-up with a second consultation where a presentation of gemstones allows you to visualise the characteristics discussed. We can also produce a resin model of the one-off piece to allow for tiny adjustments before it is meticulously crafted.”

It’s clear that the bespoke jewellery which is mostly created on-site fills the father and son with the greatest satisfaction: “We enjoy working with customers,” says Stefan. “It’s heart-warming to present a unique creation which will be of great sentimental value – but we’re also sad to see the item leave us! Each handmade piece is a representation of three generations of our family’s skill and craftsmanship, so we take the utmost pride in every piece whether it has taken us three hours or three months to create.”

Huppach are official agents for Baume et Mercier and Seiko. They also offer watch servicing and repairs, jewellery alterations, repairs and valuations.

Huppach Jewellers
15 Rainhall Road, Barnoldswick BB18 5AF
01282 815559



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