With Halloween coming up it’s time to help our bat population by planting seeds and growing flowers to attract the insects on which they feed

Created in collaboration with scientists at the Natural History Museum to help garden bats, the Seedball Bat Mix (a Halloween eco must-have) contains a special mix of wildflowers to attract a wide diversity of insects that bats feed on, including flowers that release their fragrance in the evening when bats are most active in our gardens.

Each seed ball contains approximately 30 seeds of borage, corn marigold, cornflower, evening primrose, night-scented stock and wallflower.

Many of our British bat species are in decline, faced with less roosting places and reduced food availability. They have massive appetites – a tiny Pipistrelle bat can eat over 3,000 mosquitoes a night!

Each tin contains 20 seed balls which will provide coverage for one square metre in a garden or three to five medium sized pots.

Made from clay, peat-free compost, seeds and chilli powder, seed balls have their own mini eco-system, protecting seeds from natural predators and giving them the nutrition they need to get a head start and germinate easily.

Simply throw the seed balls onto soil or compost in a garden bed or planter, water well and watch them grow.

All Seedball products are 100 per cent UK made and manufactured.

Best scattered in spring or autumn and flowering in March to October, seedballs are £6 per tin.



Tedd Walmsley

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