It’s often said that an English man’s home is his castle and there is nothing quite like a lush green lawn to really set that castle off

Lawns used to be a way of showing off one’s wealth as it took considerable manpower to maintain a manicured lawn. Of course technology has moved on, and today many home owners have their lawns cut while they sleep, by the latest thing – robotic mowers.

Turf science is also advancing and there is a mind-boggling choice of products that can be used to maintain a lush healthy lawn, but if you’re not a professional they can be a disaster.

However, there is an easy solution as homeowners in the Ribble Valley have discovered – having a great lawn, courtesy of Greenthumb, is a ‘frugal luxury’.

Your local, long-established Greenthumb branch has been managed by husband and wife team Tyler and Donna Stevenson since they introduced the lawn care service to the area more than 15 years ago.

They still service the lawns of their very first customer, and many new customers now use Greenthumb because they have grown up with the company treating their parents’ and grandparents’ lawns – the Greenthumb team are part of the family as it were.

Tyler provides an ultimately professional service that is great value for money. He frequently features on BBC Radio Lancashire sharing his expert advice.

Throughout the UK Greenthumb are recognised for being at the forefront of lawn care. They look after approximately 1,000,000 lawns and the vast majority of customers come via recommendation, which is testament to their reputation.

Greenthumb use bespoke Nutragreen fertilisers, superior even to those used on golf courses.

All operatives are fully licensed giving peace of mind when it’s necessary to apply pesticides to your lawn.

They have a vast array of impressive machines for vital aeration and scarification.

Greenthumb has a wealth of lawn care experience unmatched anywhere else.

Tyler and the Greenthumb team are all local, they provide service with a smile, and are fully aware that the discerning consumer requires the very best in customer service.

If all that wasn’t enough, there is now a new reason to call Tyler at Greenthumb as the team have recently launched the Lawn Makeover.

Perhaps you feel your lawn is beyond salvaging, it’s old and tired out, infested with weeds and moss, or perhaps it has never looked particularly good because it’s made up of unsuitable grass cultivars.

Often Tyler and the experts at Greenthumb can transform existing grass or weed patches to lovely lawns through normal treatments, but if your assumption is correct and your lawn is beyond salvaging, Greenthumb can create the ultimate lawn from scratch, from the roots up.

They have devised a bespoke method to remove the old lawn completely, preparing the substrate, to grow a brand new Greenthumb lawn in its place – the results are outstanding!

If you’re considering re-turfing for whatever reason, stop! Firstly, ask Tyler at Greenthumb for a free, honest assessment and a lawn makeover brochure. If that’s the ‘root’ you take (pardon the pun) not only will it give you a far superior lawn, it’s actually cheaper than re-turfing. Yes – a frugal luxury at its finest.

Pivotal to the overall result is Diamond Green, Greenthumb’s exclusively developed custom blend of fescue and perennial ryegrasses, which adapt specifically to any environment. It has many benefits including fast establishment, superior visuals and colour as well as improved tolerance to drought, close mowing, shade and disease.

Choosing a Greenthumb Diamond Green lawn is also future proofing your lawn. Let’s face it, lawns do suffer a lot of abuse and they periodically need repairing, perhaps following other work at your property, after pet or pest damage or adverse harsh weather. Usually a repair is forever visible because it is usually impossible to replace with like for like cultivars. However, Greenthumb can always re-seed patches with Diamond Green thus seamlessly repairing your lawn.

So, if you want the ultimate lawn and like the sound of frugal luxury, call Tyler and the Greenthumb team now for your free lawn assessment.

GreenThumb Blackburn
Portland Farm, Buckholes Lane
Higher Wheelton PR6 8JL
01254 832625



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