Weddings At High Summer

August is all about abundance and with so many flowers in season, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to blooms and colour themes, writes Emma Brereton

If you’ve chosen an August date for your wedding, you’re guaranteed a very special summer celebration. Flowers always add extra beauty to your big day and with Agapanthus, Snapdragons, Astrantia, Dahlias, Delphiniums, Chrysanthemums, Sunflowers, Hydrangeas and Larkspur, all in season there’s plenty of choice with floral arrangements to complement your colour scheme.

Whether you want to be bold as brass with colour or use subtle pastels, seeking out cultural trends can offer some inspiration for the wedding of the year. Being confident with colour can create a whole feeling and set the tone for your big day.

This month we outline five themes from around the globe to get your creative juices flowing.

Marvellous Morocco
Look toward cultures that don’t shy away from colour. Moroccan interiors do just this, the vibrant cobalts of the Jardin Marjorelle and clear blue skies serve as a backdrop for turmeric-toned carnations, golden ochre, shades of fuchsia, and orange hues. Cap these off with metallic touches and you have a palette that feels adventurous yet works in harmony.

Pretty Provence
While the ease and rusticity of the south of France puts soft neutrals and pastels on the brain, the floral abundance of this region is far bolder. Fields of lavender, sunflowers and bright citrus sit alongside crates of neutrals such as eggs and fresh breads in the market. Tones of yellow and violet, accented with white, charcoal and shades of beige create a look that’s unexpected for an outdoor, garden or countryside affair.

Coastal Cali
Imagine the array of bold and burnt hues that run along the Californian coastline. It encourages reds, oranges, yellows and even shades of blue-greens. It’s all about rustic luxury, teamed with warm brights. Little touches like straw fan shades, loose cool hair with a couture-style gown creates the epitome of this rustic meets luxury look.

Fabulous Florence
Meet the modern-day-minimalist’s palette. Ivories, soft shades of grey, black, and hints of blush. The city of Florence displays beautiful stonework which sparks a palette of oatmeal, beige and dove grey with hints of Carrera marble in black and white. Pair this with pale yellows and soft pinks and you will have one sleek celebration on your hands.

The Scottish Highlands
While Scotland brings to mind rolling, grass-covered hills, classic hunter-green and red tartan, the region offers so much more. Consider tapping into earthy neutrals with tawny leathers, military greens, creamy ivories, heathery hues and cloudy greys. Embrace its rich heritage to create your own love story that will go down in history.



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