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As the year ends, it’s the perfect time to rejuvenate our bodies and initiate a new year transformational reset for enhanced wellbeing. Keli Thompson, an expert in gut health, explains how

A new year reset allows you to reflect, refocus, and set positive intentions for personal health and growth. It’s an excellent opportunity to break from routine, re-evaluate goals and start afresh, fostering a renewed sense of motivation and wellbeing.

Gut health is a highly beneficial approach to a ‘new year new you’, as it plays a pivotal role in our health. Your gut, also known as the gastrointestinal tract (stomach, small intestine and large intestine) contains trillions of bacteria, fungi and other micro-organisms. These incredibly diverse bacteria cells collectively form our ‘gut microbiome’.

If you imagine that your microbiome resembles a garden, where we try to prevent the overgrowth of ‘weeds’ from harmful bacteria – from excessive sugar, alcohol, smoking, reduced sleep, medications and additives.

Instead, we try to improve the balance by enhancing the ‘flowers’ from beneficial bacteria by incorporating whole food, fibre, probiotic and prebiotic-rich food, maintaining hydration, ensuring restful sleep and minimising stress. The balance of the ‘weeds’ (harmful bacteria) and ‘flowers’ (beneficial bacteria) significantly influences the optimal functioning of the gut microbiota, the integrity of the gut lining and various physiological processes such as digestion, management of food allergies, immune system regulation, weight management and nutrient absorption. Our gut health is the home to our overall health, so nourishing our gut microbiomes with care is essential, as they contribute to our vitality and support the body’s ability to function optimally to help resist various health challenges.

I have experienced firsthand the impact of implementing gut health strategies. I had suffered from a skin condition called eczema throughout all of my childhood and adulthood. I found myself consistently relying on steroid medication and treatments during flare-ups, as science at that time wasn’t as readily available to establish the connection between skin conditions and gut health.

After consistently applying gut health principles, I no longer have a skin condition. My skin is now nearly perfect – plump and soft and I finally have a healthy, dewy glow. It’s testament to the inspiring journey of repairing my body organically through nutrition. Focusing on my gut health has proven to be the most significant game-changer, not years of steroid medications.

I have also personally assisted and made exceptional progress with numerous clients dealing with issues such as skin irritations, sugar cravings, allergies, fatigue, weight challenges, mood fluctuations, sleep disturbances, bowel inflammation, high blood pressure, bloating, constipation and a variety of other health concerns.

With my expertise as a gut health specialist, I provide comprehensive, personalised one-on-one coaching programmes designed to guide you through impactful changes in diet and lifestyle. In my programme, we build a resilient foundation to help promote improvement in your gut health and overall wellbeing. It offers an opportunity to cultivate a new mindset and promote enduring and healthy changes step by step. I guide you in understanding the significance of specific gut-healthy foods for your body functions, fostering a love for these nourishing choices that contribute to internal and external wellbeing.

My mission in the programme is to ensure that these positive changes become sustainable and, most importantly, an integral part of your lifestyle – a setting for a healthier and more vibrant you in the days, months and years to come. Embracing this long-term mindset requires phased changes to seamlessly integrate into your daily routine, ensuring they become embedded for a lifetime, just as they have for me. 




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