A Touch of Class

Character, commitment and adaptability were the factors that allowed Arnold and KEQMS boys to mould as one when the schools merged

The team that we formed won multiple Sevens tournaments and the Lancashire Cup twice. Our results were partly due to natural ability, with some students representing Lancashire, but mainly from our teamwork and commitment to training. The work ethic and resilience of the whole squad ensured every performance was a 20-man success.

I have been lucky to play in this talented squad, going on numerous UK tours, as well as to South Africa. I have developed skills thanks to the high level of coaching at AKS. These transferable skills are proving invaluable and will help me in the future.

My wish before leaving AKS was to pass on my learning to younger pupils. This summer we have done this through touch rugby sessions, helping up and coming talent develop skills whilst giving back to the school we have benefited from.

At AKS we take sport seriously, but it is the encouragement to take part and the personal development that the school is best at – on and off the rugby pitch. If there is one thing I have learnt, it is that by working together and learning from each other we can achieve great things.

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By Charlie Cadley, Year 13 and 1st XV Vice Captain (an extract from the AKS Student Blog)



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