With another decade of interior design behind us, bathrooms are suddenly set for a 2020 makeover

The minimalist designs of the past with handleless furniture and cool chrome fittings in the bathroom are set to give way to luxurious opulence with brass fittings and coloured porcelain taking centre stage.

That’s not to say that we are turning our backs on the contemporary – 2020 will see bathroom technology coming to the fore.

With freestanding bathtubs of all shapes and sizes continuing in popularity, the luxuriously deep slipper baths have become firm favourites. They provide support for the body and result in an exceptionally comfortable bathing experience. There are many freestanding styles – from the traditional to the ultra-modern.

Set to become a lasting trend are double sink vanity units – these were once reserved for luxury hotels and stately homes but have become more affordable in recent years leading to a huge surge in popularity. Double sink vanities are beautiful and practical, and they can also provide a stunning focal point.

Another big trend on the rise in traditional bathrooms are washstands, whether that’s old-fashioned Edwardian or inbuilt into a more modern unit, these can be real showstoppers.

While we have enjoyed two decades of clean, white ceramic in our bathrooms, coloured and floral patterns in sanitary ware will also make a comeback in 2020 enabling you to colour co-ordinate and create a soothing space in which to bathe.

Moving on to showers and it’s easy to see why rainfall showers have really taking off. The wide surface of a rainfall shower head creates an unrivalled drenching effect but many are also incredibly water-efficient. Whether you choose to replace your entire shower or just opt for a new head, the rainfall shower continues to trend through 2020.

Digital showers now offer more control than ever before – you can set your temperature to one that perfectly suits you and some even allow you to set the temperature before you step inside.

The once-popular gold and brass finish that fell by the wayside in recent years is back with a bang! A much warmer alternative to chrome, brass detailing is a great way to give your bathroom a distinctive, luxurious and elegant style.

Brass fittings maybe the ultimate in sophistication, but they can still be simple and minimalist in 2020. From taps to shower heads, all manner of brass and gold-coloured fittings are now readily available.

Wallpaper is another trend set to take over in the bathroom this year. Choose a striking print and keep baths and basins simple and the results will be stunning! Geometric designs will become more popular in 2020 and this will be reflected in both wallpaper designs and tiles.

Mirrors can become a focal point in a bathroom – the bigger the better! Some even feature smart capabilities in the form of colour changing LEDs and Bluetooth speakers. Mirrors and other accessories like towel rails and soap holders should be chosen carefully to match taps and your chosen colours scheme. Just remember – in 2020 opulence and luxury are the key words when it comes bathrooms!



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