Bid To Buy Waddow

The Waddow Hall Trust is aiming to raise £5 million through a new fundraising campaign in order to save the hall

The Waddow Hall Trust is embarking on an ambitious fundraising campaign with the goal of raising £5 million to buy the hall. This monumental sum will enable the Trust to preserve and enhance this invaluable heritage site for the benefit of future generations.

For almost a century the 60-bedroom hall, in the heart of the Ribble Valley countryside, has been used as an adventure and outdoor pursuits centre by Girlguiding locally, nationally and internationally as well as being used by the local community.

However, along with four other UK activity centres, the Girlguiding Association has decided to sell Waddow.

In order to save the facility, the Trust is hoping to raise funds towards the initial purchase of Waddow Hall and essential restoration projects, such as the maintenance of its remarkable architecture and the preservation of its rich history.

Additionally, the campaign will support the development of innovative educational programmes and community initiatives, ensuring that Waddow continues to serve as a beacon of inspiration and learning.

The Trust is asking Ribble Valley communities to support their endeavour, as they strive to protect and transform this cherished estate into a flourishing hub of heritage, culture and education. They are convinced they can secure a bright and sustainable future for Waddow Hall.

For anyone wishing to contribute to the fundraising initiative there are numerous ways to do this:

DONATION FORM: the Trust has a donation form containing all the details on how to contribute.


BUY A BRICK OR SPONSOR A ROOM: This is aimed at smaller donations from families, businesses, individuals, youth and community groups. There is a separate form for this. One hundred pounds will buy a brick and donors receive a certificate to acknowledge their donation. To sponsor a room in the main hall will be £500 per annum and each room will display a certificate acknowledging its current sponsors. To sponsor a building such as The Stables, Ranger Cottage, Ribble Lodge, Adventure House and Rose Cottages will be £1,000 and similarly each building will display a certificate acknowledging its current sponsors.

PATRONS SCHEME: This is aimed at individuals and businesses who wish to donate a significant sum towards the initial purchase of Waddow Hall or pledge to donate a set amount of money each year for a minimum of three years to cover running costs. There are various levels including Founding, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Patrons with differing levels of contributions and added bonuses.

In the event that the Trust does not raise sufficient funds from the various fundraising avenues to purchase Waddow Hall, then any funds raised from the campaign will be held by Waddow Hall Trust and distributed by way of grants to youth groups, schools and adult social groups to allow them to undertake the kind of residential, activity day at other venues, that they would have enjoyed at Waddow in the past.



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