A new, streamlined vascular service is the latest development at this forward-thinking hospital with an outstanding record in patient care, writes Kate Ford. Photography:

Many people are all too familiar with the distress that can be caused by varicose veins. Along with their uncomfortable symptoms, they can also look unsightly, and sometimes affect what people choose to wear, especially in warmer weather.

As this is such a common complaint, sufferers often have to wait to receive the treatment they need. However, help is now on hand with the launch of a new service at Greater Lancashire Hospital (GLH) which will focus entirely on vascular medicine, diagnosing and treating conditions affecting the veins and arteries.

The service is led by Consultant Vascular Surgeon, Ansy Egun, one of the leading experts in vascular medicine, with over 25 years’ experience. He is delighted to be working with GLH, where he believes the commitment to consultant-led services sets the hospital apart from others.

“Here, we offer a quick diagnostic service, followed by high quality, personalised treatment, usually as a day patient, and because it is always consultant-led, the patients know they are seeing the very best person to treat their condition,” he explains.

“This hospital also has an unrivalled record in patient care, being awarded an outstanding rating in its most recent audit, and this is something that is very important to me.”

Originally from Nigeria, Ansy studied medicine at the University of Lagos, graduating in 1987 then moving to Kings College London to continue his surgical training. He qualified as a surgeon in 1994, and having already chosen vascular surgery as his specialism, he transferred to Manchester to complete his specialist training.

Ansy qualified as a consultant in 2001 and a year later was appointed as Consultant General and Vascular Surgeon by Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, based at Royal Preston Hospital. Alongside working with patients, he has held several key policy-shaping roles in the NHS, culminating in 2016 with his appointment as Clinical Director of Vascular Surgery at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals.

In addition to this wealth of experience, Ansy has the ideal personality for dealing with patients face-to-face. Extremely cheerful with a warm, friendly smile, he’s easy to talk to and helps patients to be open about their symptoms and what they’re expecting from their treatment.

As well as treating varicose veins, the new service will deal with conditions such as leg ulcers, concerns relating to the carotid artery following mini stroke or TIA, swollen or painful legs, deep vein thrombosis, circulatory problems and claudication (pain or cramping in the leg).

Patients might be referred to GLH by their GP but can also self-refer by simply contacting the hospital to arrange an appointment.

“For varicose veins, we use radiofrequency ablation and vascular laser therapy to solve the problem painlessly in just a few treatments,” says Ansy.
“Whatever the problem, our friendly, professional team will find a safe and effective solution, personalised to each patient we see.”

Greater Lancashire Hospital
Wyder Court, Millennium City Park
Preston PR2 5BL
01772 663977



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