With more ‘roadmap rules’ being relaxed at the end of this month, what can we expect when Easter comes around?

Easter will be with us soon, but we will still have to observe ‘roadmap rules’ and social distancing. Historically, Easter Sunday falls on a different date every year – the holiday can take place on any date between 22nd March and 25th April, with Easter last year falling on 21st April, the latest since 2011.

With children now back at school, most school Easter holidays will start around 26th March, a Friday, and end around 12th April.

So, what lockdown rules will be in place?

Some of the rules around socialising and meeting with others changed on 8th March, and more will change on Monday 29th March in time for the Easter holidays. As well as pupils returning to school, the most recent change allowed us to meet or exercise with one other person outdoors but on 29th March, the Rule of Six or two households can meet outdoors. However, indoors just the one household is still only allowed – so while you’ll be able to have fun with your family over the Easter break – still no friends or relatives from other households indoors.

One good thing is the introduction of more sports activities from 29th March – organised outdoor sport activities for children and adults will be allowed as will outdoor leisure and children’s facilities and parents and child outdoor groups – so why not find a local organised group to enjoy some outdoor socially-distanced fun and meet new friends over the holidays?

The roadmap rules say there is still a ‘stay at home requirement’ but people can leave home for recreation outdoors such as meeting for a coffee or picnic with their own household or support bubble, or one person outside their household.

So, as we approach Easter how can we make the best of our time and enjoy it? Well, you could plan a fun picnic in a local park with your household or you could organise an Easter egg hunt around the garden for your children.

You could meet a friend for coffee outdoors and go for a leisurely walk or, if you’re feeling more energetic, you could go for a run with a pal – but don’t forget, to get to your destination, only minimal travel is still allowed.

Or you could revert to the lockdown baking boom and make a cake – you will be allowed to meet a friend or relative in a care home, so what better way to show how much you care than home-made cake!

Like Christmas, the Easter weekend will be much quieter, but we have more to look forward to. If the roadmap out of lockdown goes to plan, we could see businesses, hairdressers, gyms, retail, libraries and outdoor hospitality all opening up at some point after 12th April. Something to look forward to indeed!



Tedd Walmsley

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