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Cass Preston of The Volume Clinic has a wealth of experience in providing solutions for those suffering hair loss problems, writes Gail Bailey

Hair loss or thinning hair can be incredibly distressing for the individual and have a huge emotional impact on well-being and confidence. Cass Preston based at her Volume Clinic in Brockhall Village has a vast knowledge in this area of hair care, styling and solutions: “It gives me a huge amount of satisfaction in being able to offer such a life-changing experience in the salon and in seeing clients looking their best and regaining their self-esteem,” she says.

The Volume Clinic recognise the wide range of reasons that can cause hair loss. As Cass explains: “Hair loss, or thinning, is often a result of cancer treatment, alopecia, hormone treatments or can even be hereditary, it is so difficult for the person involved, and it is important to offer a personalised service to find the most suitable solution.”

The Volume Clinic offer a mesh integration system which involves blending existing hair with real hair that is attached to a custom-made ‘unit’ – it is ultra-fine and shaped to fit cleverly and discreetly to the head. Colour-matched to the hair, it achieves a seamless, natural appearance and creates thickness and volume from the top. Furthermore, being hypoallergenic and breathable, it feels just the same as natural hair would – ideal for those for whom extensions are not a solution.

The mesh integration system is long lasting but does require re-visiting every six to eight weeks for maintenance: “We appreciate the commitment for the client of the mesh system, and for this reason often suggest buying a ‘topper’ initially to try the look out and see how it feels. If they are happy with this, we can then turn this into a more semi-permanent solution,” says Cass.

The mesh integration system can also be applied to just the perimeter: “Some clients have no need for a hair loss solution on top and it is possible to integrate mesh just around the sides and back of the head allowing extensions to be added to hair that wouldn’t normally be able to take them,” Cass further explains.

Managing the health of the hair is an important first step and The Volume Clinic also offer a micro-scoping service. Cass says: “Micro-scoping the scalp allows us to assess if there are any ongoing issues underlying hair health, such as the condition of the hair follicles, and that further allows us to suggest products to help.” Some of the products recommended by the salon are Nioxin, specially formulated to treat a wide variety of thinning and hair loss problems, and new Alterna Caviar Clinical range which uses a blend of natural products designed to gently moisturize and purify the scalp and encourage naturally fuller hair that appears and feels denser.

The Volume Clinic is a tranquil, luxurious space that allows complete client privacy. As Cass has over 30 years industry experience, it is not only the perfect place for practical, modern solutions for hair loss – it is also ideal for all your hairdressing needs.

For further information and appointments call 01254 823333 or email: hello@thevolumeclinic.co.uk

The Volume Clinic
2 Eden Gardens, Brockhall Village
Old Langho BB6 8HW
01254 823333



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