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The NHS has grown to become one of the world’s largest publicly funded health service since it was launched in 1948. It is second to none in terms of the care it provides. But despite this, the UK’s private healthcare market is seeing regular growth, year on year. So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of private healthcare and the NHS in the UK?

For many, the main reason they change to private healthcare is the length of time on waiting lists, not just for operations, but often for initial appointments. Going privately can reduce these by weeks, if not months.

Another advantage for private healthcare, used to be choice, being able to choose which hospital and even which GP you wanted, however the NHS now offers this in some areas.

If you have private healthcare insurance, you may need to check your policy. It doesn’t always cover all treatments and your treatment may be dependent on the level of insurance you have. The NHS, on the other hand, won’t pay for some niche drugs because of the cost element, the drugs you need might not be available in the area where you live, or they may not even be available through the NHS.

If you are going private you will more than likely be in a separate room of your own, in a more relaxed environment rather than on a mixed ward where visitors are restricted, and you will tend to be seen by the same consultant rather than several different ones.

Whilst treatments on the NHS are often free, the cost for an annual standalone private health policy is coming down to around £700, which makes it affordable for many.

However, the main reason many stay with the NHS is because of the cost.

Whilst its future seems to constantly be at the top of the government’s agenda, over the years, it has provided free healthcare treatment to millions 365 days a year. A service which is delivered by hard working, caring doctors, nurses and NHS staff, who even at the end of a difficult shift will still have a smile.



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