Putting Your Pet’s Healthcare First

According to the statistics portal Statista, the UK’s pet population is 51 million. There’s no doubt about it we’re a nation of animal lovers. But having a pet brings great responsibility, especially to their health and wellbeing. Photography: Paul Melling

Ribble Vets, headquartered in Penwortham Preston, is a long established veterinary practice which offers some of the best animal healthcare. It’s a busy mixed practice providing services to a whole range of animals including, household pets, farm animals and horses. Originally opening its doors in the 1930s, Ribble Vets now boasts a team of 15 surgeons, a dedicated nursing department as well as supportive and experienced administration staff who are also trained in animal handling.

“We want clients to know that their animals are in the safest of hands the second they walk through the door,” says Nicky Birch practice manager. “We are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There is always someone manning the phone and someone available to offer advice and support.”

Ribble Vets is made up of four branches reaching Leyland, Wesham, and Longton. Its amazing purpose-built premises in Penwortham provides the extra space and facilities the surgery needed to ensure clients and their pets receive the very best service.

Complete with two surgical rooms, a number of assessment rooms, its own pet and farm animal pharmacy, laboratory and hydrotherapy suite, every aspect of animal care is catered for by a team who put education and training at the top of their agenda.

“We are very hot on training,” says Caroline Thompson head of client services. “Customer care is very important to us and so we ensure every member of staff is trained in animal handling. We also make sure we do all we can to educate our clients to make sure they’re confident in looking after their pets well.”

One of the ways the practice does this is by offering pet care plans. These plans allow clients to spread the cost of caring for your pet throughout the year. It covers your pet for all of their basic health care needs, including preventative treatments and expert advice.

Ribble Vets is also one of a select few Approved Weight Management practices in the country. Nicky, who manages the hydrotherapy programmes at the practice said: “Unfortunately we are an overweight nation and we are passing this onto our pets. Quite often we don’t realise what we’re feeding our animals is harmful to them. Did you know that 30g of ham for a cat is the equivalent of a human eating two and a half doughnuts?”

All animals under Ribble Vets are given a body score out of nine with five being the optimum score. If your pet is over or under weight, the practice will work with you to get it under control.

“Pets usually put on weight after they have been neutered,” says Nicky. “We want to focus on preventative measures so we work with our clients to ensure they know what a healthy diet for their pet looks like before it’s too late.”

Ribble Vets
80 Liverpool Road, Penwortham PR1 0HT
24 Station Road, Wesham PR4 3AD
65 Liverpool Road, Longton PR4 5HA
16 Golden Hill Lane, Leyland PR25 3NP
01772 746393



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