Artist, poet and classical guitarist Edward Foster creates stylised, visionary paintings inspired by the beauty of nature

The multi-talented Edward Foster is a visionary creative, who gains inspiration from nature and the countryside of the Ribble Valley.

His work features in private collections all over the world and he has also worked on book illustrations and album covers. He is also a poet, writer and classical guitarist having played at the recent Ribble Valley Jazz Festival.

Brought up in a household where he and his brother were able to develop their creative skills and love of music, Edward is completely self-taught. He became a professional artist in his early 20s and his work is now much sought after.

“Put simply I love nature and this area, the Ribble Valley, is like Eden to me. It is beautiful. Wherever I go in the UK I talk about it, as I am really influenced by it. It’s a real hidden gem.”

Living in Bashall Eves and working from a studio at Backridge in Waddington, Edward grew up in Accrington: “It was a very creative household,” he recalls. “We would listen to music, I would paint and draw for hours with friends and mum and dad were brilliant.

“At primary school I used to draw lots of cartoons. Schools these days are all about exams and tests, due to blind and stupid decisions from Central Government, all the creativity has been knocked out of youngsters – and what is a world without creativity?” asks Edward, who as part of his work, is invited into primary schools, where he introduces art to pupils.

“It brings them such joy! If a human being cannot be creative, what’s the point? Imagine a world without art and music, it would be awful! I love music and composing music and I know a lot of wonderful musicians, who have become good friends.”

Currently working on a book of poetry and an A4 art book of illustrations, Visions of Albion, which will be published in November this year, Edward adds: “Each illustration will have an in-depth description on then page opposite. The illustrations will reflect nature, fantasy and mythology.”

Having exhibited throughout the UK and in London, Edward’s paintings can be found in America, Canada, Europe, New Zealand and Australia: “I connect with a lot of people online. People with different cultures and who have a different way of ‘being’, which is great from a creative perspective.”

Painting mainly in oils, Edward says his work reflects how he feels about the world: “When I look at nature it makes me realise how profound the world is. My paintings are quite deep but in a way the subject is simple. I work in a very stylised way, just trying to express how I feel about life.”

“It is visionary, I call it sublime. It is visionary in a sense that it comes from within. For example Born Out of Nature features two interlinking circles – the vesical pisces – when the two overlap a third, featuring a child, is created. ”

“Nature is everything to me, I think we are very blessed and I am very moved by it. In this area of the world we can see hares running through the fields and kingfishers by the rivers. It is exceptional.”

“I contemplate nature and connect very deeply with it. Contemplation is a form of meditation, which I teach. One can get fantastic visionary experiences from meditation and art is a way of expressing these.”

A member of the Anglesey Druids Order, Edward adds: “The druids are very much about connecting deeply with the land. It is the most beautiful thing.”

Running meditation and art workshops throughout the UK, Edward is currently exhibiting his work at Buffalo Studio in Accrington: “This gallery is an absolute gem! It is a new gallery that is growing into something really beautiful.”

Edward’s paintings can be seen at Buffalo Studio in Accrington in a mixed exhibition that runs until the end of May



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