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Preston Caribbean Carnival parade was all set to bring the streets of Preston to life with an explosion of colour, amazing costumes, addictive rhythms and an unrivalled welcoming atmosphere

Preston Carnival is 46 years old this year and is one of the oldest and most adored in the UK but for 2020 and for the first time ever the celebrations will be as a virtual carnival.

The jaw dropping carnival costumes made in the UK from past carnivals will be on show and will be joined by local dance troupes with sound systems and steel pans pumping the infectious sounds of the Caribbean.

Anyone wanting to participate in the virtual event on 9th August will be encouraged to prepare the carnival ‘must taste’ jerk chicken and wear home-made costumes to put them in the vibe.

More good news is that The Arts Council England has granted the carnival a £10,000 grant to help them pay for core costs such as rent, insurance, bank and accountants fees as well enable them to plan for the next few years’ events through organisational developments.

The committee are busy making plans to take the Caribbean Carnival into the community and social groups across Lancashire to teach them about the history and culture. This process is also a tool for young people to learn more about the world in which we live, and how Caribbean culture and traditions have been exported all over the world through carnival arts, music and cuisine which are unique to many Caribbean islands.

Without a doubt, Caribbean carnivals remain the Caribbean’s greatest gift to its people scattered all over the world. Its 46 years as a carnival in Preston has not been an easy one, but teamwork and their ongoing commitment, has helped them thus far to keep Preston Caribbean Carnival alive.

What’s happening in 2021?

Next year Preston Carnival aims to offer carnival goers a weekend of festivities that includes a music festival one day followed by the traditional carnival procession and park event on the second day. It is hoped to make both events attractive to many ages so that families can come along and experience costume, music and dance.

Plans for Saturday include live stage performances on Moor Park, Preston by legendary Reggae artists, headliner – Luciano and support acts Tippa Irie and Little Roy. The event will be ticket only to raise funds for the charity to pay for carnival day and other charitable work throughout the year.

Sunday will see the annual procession through the streets and will showcase large piece costumes created by high quality artists representing Caribbean and Latin American genres. Visitors will hear steelpan and traditional music associated with the Caribbean.

Local and visiting dance troupes will entertain the crowds in costume by dancing along the route and in the park arena throughout the afternoon.

Children’s activities including inflatables and for adults, live stage performances, a licensed bar and food stallholders offering Caribbean cuisine jerk chicken with rice and peas will be available.



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