Sarah Varley speaks to Phil Moss BSc (Hons) MA at PLM Health & Fitness in Whalley about the importance of looking after yourself

Every element of PLM Health & Fitness has been carefully considered to provide the right atmosphere to help you feel welcome, motivated and get the very best out of the time you invest. From the lighting and luxurious changing rooms to the cutting-edge Technogym equipment, everything is geared towards helping members live a better life by becoming healthier and fitter with the most advanced technology available.

“Over the past year people have been reassessing their priorities and realising what we have been saying all along – that they need to look after themselves,” says PLM Health & Fitness owner Phil Moss. “We are your first line of defence in health and we are here to help you look after what’s on the inside, not just what you see in the mirror.

“Our ethos has always been about supporting you in making those changes so you can lead a healthy lifestyle and feel great. Our membership is an investment in yourself and we provide all the elements to get you long-term results.

“We have invested in the very best, state-of-the-art equipment so you get the best results from your workouts every time, and 24/7 access means there are no barriers to regularly fitting in this vital time to look after yourself, even with the busiest lives.”

With darkness now falling before we have even finished work in the evenings, the gym is even more important as a safe space to keep up exercise for health and wellbeing. At PLM Health and Fitness you have the most advanced technology any time and a supportive, knowledgeable and friendly team to help keep you motivated.

“We’re delighted with member feedback on the confidence they feel in coming here,” Phil says. “Our standards have always been extremely high and we have every possible measure in place to ensure members’ safety.”

Head to the new website at: plmfitness.com for more information and a free three-day pass

PLM is one of a kind! Very rarely do you find such a clean and well-maintained training facility. Having trained in various gyms for years, the workout environment which Phil has created is fantastic. You can tell that every piece of equipment has been carefully considered with no expense spared, with the sole purpose of offering a facility which enables everyone to meet their fitness goals.
PLM has enabled me to safely return to the gym and with its 24/7 opening hours I am able to weight train during the quieter periods of the day. Also, the attitude which PLM employees and members are taking to hygiene during this difficult time is very reassuring. I cannot recommend this place enough!

PLM Health & Fitness
Abbey Works
Back King Street
Whalley BB7 9SP
01254 781777



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