Losing Weight

& Gaining Confidence

Claire Healey who lost more than eight stones in weight to slim down to a neat size 12, tells her incredible story

We all have our own reason to lose weight – a turning point which changes our lives. For Claire Healey, it was a horrific car crash which left her trapped upside down inside her car, fearing that she was too fat to crawl out.

She said: “Two men pulled me out, but I didn’t think I would manage it. All I remember is one of them telling me to watch out for my stomach because it was hanging down onto the broken glass. I thought I would have to be cut out.”

“I was so embarrassed and I decided there and then to find the answer to my weight problem.”

Claire approached Alevere Specialist Medical Weight Loss Clinics, whose dedicated doctors offer a highly effective medical weight loss treatment without surgery.

Over the next 28 weeks, she shed more than eight stones.

The weekly, high-technology treatments that Claire received at the Alevere clinic break down excessively thickened areas of fat under the skin and optimise the recovery of the skin’s tightness and elasticity, so that not only is a patient’s weight brought back to normal levels, but they have an optimised cosmetic appearance and body shape after their weight loss.

How it Works
• The nutritional part of the medical weight loss treatment consists of lots of natural foods from the very start of every patient’s treatment.
• Additionally, the patient is given precisely formulated proteins in Alevere nutritional supplements, which optimally support the body’s metabolism throughout the patient’s weight loss. These ensure that excess body fat, but not muscle tissue, is broken down and that the liver can work in an optimal way to produce sufficient glucose, so that blood glucose levels become normal and stable, even in diabetic patients.
• Patients are given weekly treatments of focused external ultrasound, which breaks down thickened fat stored under the skin.
• Immediately following this, each week every patient receives a treatment of the entire body which causes the production of new collagen and elastin fibres in the skin. This optimises the tightness and the elastic recovery of the skin as the weight is lost and the combined effect of both treatments is to optimise the patient’s body shape and cosmetic appearance following their weight loss. This is a very important aspect of any treatment for weight loss and is often something which is completely overlooked.

“I was desperate. I had tried to lose weight many times in the past, but I had just got bigger. Nothing had worked for me. The car crash made me determined to finally sort myself out,” explains Claire.

Now, just months after walking through the doors of the clinic weighing 19 stones, Claire is an incredible size 12 and weighs just 11 stones.

She said: “I even lost weight during Christmas week and I have actually been eating some delicious food.”

“During treatment, I bought cheap clothes from supermarkets because they became too big for me so quickly. I remember the day I first tried on a pair of size 16 jeans – and they hung off me. It was great.”

“My boss calls me the amazing shrinking woman. I can do all kinds of things now – I walk my dogs everywhere, I can run for a bus and I can bend down to fasten my shoes, which I couldn’t do before. My life is just so incredibly better.”

For enquiries call 0333 567 5777 or email: enquiry@alevere.com



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