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Nightsafe, which provides accommodation and vital support for young homeless people, is looking to expand their services through a new corporate patron scheme

Charity Nightsafe, which has helped more than 14,750 young people, giving them a roof over their head in a safe environment, has issued a heartfelt plea for corporate patrons in a bid to expand their services.

Nightsafe supports young people aged 16-24 through a number of projects:
• An emergency night shelter that allows young people to self-refer and stay for up to nine nights
• An activity-based day centre (Platform 5), that provides laundry, shower, hot drinks and meals, education and activities
• Four supported accommodation projects where young people can stay long term and receive support
• A specialist under 18s life skills co-ordinator, who works with schools and training providers to ensure that young people maintain their educational goals, even while homeless
• A Volunteer Mentor Programme providing a listening ear for young people, supporting them attending external services and appointments
• An outreach service to young people in the community, supporting them to maintain their tenancies

The charity is continually looking at ways to support their basic delivery of services and so far have provided more than 150,000 meals and have been supported by more than 850 volunteers.

Nightsafe CEO Jan Larkin says: “This year more than ever we would be very grateful for any financial support. The Covid pandemic has curtailed a number of events we had planned to raise much-needed funds. Throughout the year we have endeavoured to be creative with a number of ‘Sleep Ins’ on the 30th of the month to mark 30 years of Nightsafe, a 30 mile walk and a good old fashioned sponsored slim – whereby I have attempted to shed 30lbs in three months! If you would like to find out more about what we do or how you can support us please get in touch, we’d love to talk to you.”
By supporting the Nightsafe Corporate Patron Scheme at either Gold, Silver or Bronze level, would help the charity support more young people in many ways.

Platform 5
• £20 – would double the day centre’s weekly food budget
• £10 – an emergency food and hygiene parcel to one street homeless young person

Emergency Night Shelter
• £5 – would provide a young person with three meals a day
• £5 – a personal hygiene pack
• £40 – a safe bed for one night
• £410 – food and shelter for one young person in the Emergency Night Shelter (nine nights and three meals a day)

Housing Projects
• £5 – would provide a young person with three meals a day
• £15 – one-to-one support and guidance for one week
• £20 – home schooling for a young person for one week

To become part of the Nightsafe family, as a patron you would be alleviating the plight of homelessness and poverty among young people in East Lancashire.

There are various benefits of becoming a Nightsafe patron, including:
• A certificate of recognition
• A Nightsafe pin
• A quarterly newsletter
• Notification of forthcoming events
• An invitation to Nightsafe open days
• Acknowledgement of your support and a link on the Nightsafe website and social media
• An opportunity to volunteer with Nightsafe.

For further information please contact Pam Holgate:



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