New Head at the Helm

Having said a fond farewell to the previous headmistress who retired at the end of the summer term, after many years in the role, Kirkham Grammar School welcomes Mrs Kirsten O’Donoghue as the new junior school headmistress from September

Mrs O’Donoghue is an experienced headmistress from QEGS, Blackburn where she was headteacher of the junior school and primary phase. Prior to this post, Mrs O’Donoghue was a deputy headteacher and classroom teacher, most recently in year six.

Her headship at Kirkham Grammar junior, infant and pre-school is particularly special as she has come full circle, returning to the school that she attended between the ages of 10 to 18. Undeniably her time here shaped her into the leader that she has become today. She was one of the first pupils to attend the junior school when it opened in 1990. The experiences that she garnered at KGS, and the influences of those that she was educated by, have naturally transferred to her passion and drive for offering pupils an education that is beyond excellent.

“I am confident that KGS continues to offer an unparalleled education and it is clear that every pupil thrives here. They achieve their academic potential in an environment significantly enhanced by the extensive provision of high-quality co-curricular education. The pupils within the school are unobtrusively aware that they are part of a rather prestigious community, yet somehow they maintain a charming modesty that sets them aside from other independent school pupils. I am proud to be joining such a special setting,” she said.

Mrs O’Donoghue has previously worked as an officer in the Army contingent at Bedford School Combined Cadet Force, leading and assisting expeditions such as field weekends, camps and ski trips with senior school pupils. She is married to Mark and they have two children, both of whom will attend KGJS. She is acutely aware of the capabilities of young children, noting that: “It is enthralling to observe the acquisition of knowledge and vocabulary, their skills, talents and potential. Their capabilities, even at such a young age, should never be underestimated. Given the right start in life, our children are capable of great things.”

Mrs O’Donoghue has commented on the commitment and energy that the staff and pupils exude in every aspect of school life. Along with the dedicated staff and caring parents, she is extremely proud to be joining part of such a dynamic community where the pupils are happy, adeptly supported and encouraged to achieve. She is looking forward to extending her positive influence and believes that every child should know that they are valued and realise that what they say and do, and who they are, matters.

“Our school encourages independent thinkers that feel safe to test out ideas, make errors and find a route to success,” she added. “They experience a curriculum here that is academically rigorous and packed with variety. Every child thrives at KGJS.”

Kirkham Grammar School
Ribby Road, Kirkham
Preston PR4 2BH



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