Preston’s Top Dog

With summer officially here and the weather hopefully turning for the better, us Brits will be reaching for our sunglasses. However, it appears that some of the nation’s pets are getting in on the style action too

For those who have pets, they are big part of the family. Watch and sunglasses specialist, Tic Watches has scoured the nation for the most brilliant and hilarious photos of our furry friends who want to look cool this summer. With the travel industry reopening, these pets didn’t want to miss out and a dog from Preston has been named one of the most stylish in the UK!

German Shepherd Pluto, owned by Louise France from Preston, made the top 10 for this big shades and festival vibe, where he’d look right at home at Rockprest 2021.

More than 130 entries were sent in by owners of their dogs, rabbits and cats in sunglasses, so to grab the number six spot and be the only dog to represent the north west was a great achievement for Pluto.

Danny Richmond, managing director of Tic Watches, said: “There were some amazing entries in our competition, with pets of all shapes and sizes getting involved.”

The winner was a nine-year old Whippet, Lily, owned by Claire Burke from Skipton. Lily is clearly loving the summer months and is rocking her tortoiseshell glasses. Her smile says it all.

Visit the Tic Watches blog here for more adorable pets in sunglasses.





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