Say Goodbye To Varicose Veins!

Award winning skin clinic Rejuvamed has opened a pioneering varicose vein treatment centre at its Clitheroe premises, writes Sarah de Waard

As a leading, doctor led medical aesthetics clinic, Rejuvamed has built a reputation for quality, care and exceptional results. Heading up the team is Medical Director Dr Grant McKeating, a consultant anaesthetist with over 25 years’ experience, and medical cosmetics specialist.

With an established award winning clinic in Chorley, the team has recently opened a second premises in Clitheroe, which incorporates the only varicose vein treatment centre in Lancashire.

The varicose vein clinic is led by consultant vascular surgeon Robert Salaman, a pioneer of minimally invasive vein surgery in the North West. Mr Salaman has worked both within the NHS and privately for over 29 years, and is clinical director of vascular surgery at Blackburn Royal Infirmary.

Dr McKeating tells me: “Varicose vein surgery is becoming much less available on the NHS, and so we are pleased to provide a safe, relatively painless treatment with excellent results and minimal recovery time, at a very competitive rate compared with other clinics and hospitals in the region. There is now no need to undergo expensive and risky surgery under general anaesthesia if you wish to say goodbye to your varicose veins. There is also no need to travel further afield for your treatment.”

Although there are several ways to treat varicose veins, Mr Salaman specialises in radiofrequency ablation, a minimally invasive procedure that is highly effective in treating almost all cases, whatever the severity.

Almost anyone suffering from varicose veins is suitable for radiofrequency treatment. At the initial consultation, Mr Salaman will carry out a duplex ultrasound scan of the veins to assess suitability and give an idea of the exact area to treat.

After a treatment plan is formulated, the procedure is carried out under local anaesthesia and often takes as little as 30 minutes. Post treatment, a dressing is placed over the incision site, and the leg is covered by a support stocking which must be worn for several days.

Aftercare is simple and a follow-up appointment is made for six weeks post procedure to ensure that it has been a success. Occasionally patients will need further treatment, which can also be carried out at the clinic.

“We are bringing the exceptional reputation of our skin clinic to the varicose vein centre,” Dr McKeating tells me. “Our top priorities are safety, treatment results and the highest levels of patient satisfaction.”

In initial consultation with Mr Salaman costs £195, which includes a free ultrasound scan.

Radiofrequency ablation costs, £1695 for one leg or £1995 for both, with a follow up check priced at £100. The Vein Centre offers interest free credit available over 10 months, and accepts GP referrals from clients with private health insurance.

The Vein Centre also offers treatment for spider and thread veins of the leg and face.

For more information or to book an appointment, please call Rejuvamed on 01200 538668

Rejuvamed Skin Clinic & Vein Centre
Holmes Cottage
Woone Lane, Clitheroe BB7 1BG
01200 538668

Rejuvamed Skin Clinic
1 Clifford Street, Chorley PR7 1AQ
01257 367460



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