With the onset of warmer weather, lighter mornings and evenings more people are getting into cycling. We catch up with Ashley Brough, Ribble Cycles’ Retail Manager to get an insight into what you should consider when buying a bike

What makes Ribble so special and what qualities make your bikes stand out? 
As one of the oldest bicycle brands in the world we have a lot of cycling knowledge, and bike design expertise but, it is genuinely the people behind the brand that make it special and standout. We endorse our brand values and embody our cycling passion through everything we do. ‘Real’ ‘Bike’ ‘People’ is the message which you will see illuminated in the showroom. This ethos permeates through everything we do as a business – from when you first enter our showroom and speak with our retail experts to the design innovation that we lead the market in, right down to the bespoke hand-building of our product.

What are the key considerations when buying a bike? 
We have such a vast range that covers every riding genre and discipline – from road, off-road, gravel and adventure through to hybrids, commuter and e-bikes, so it can be a daunting task figuring out what you want and really need. Everything we do is designed to ensure the customer can easily define what is correct for them either online or better still with one of our in-store specialists. Here we can tailor your needs to a specific model built solely for you and your intended use. We consider everything for the user from sizing, gears, wheels, tires and all touch points. All crucial considerations when choosing a bike to fit your individual needs.

Can I test ride a Ribble before I buy one?
We will be hosting various events at our flagship showroom in Clitheroe and offering test rides from across the range. We understand that customers need this. It further enhances our proposition and complete customer buying experience. So, please watch this space!

Are Ribble bikes expensive?
The broadness of our range is designed to fit the pockets of all our customers. We ensure that we are inclusive to everyone’s needs when it comes to investing in a bicycle, which is why we offer a competitive product at a competitive price. The custom ‘BikeBuilder’ nature and uniqueness of our brand enables customers to run away with their imagination and build something truly special to them and that can work within their budget. We also offer financial options to help assist so that everyone can ride and enjoy their dream Ribble bike.

And finally, what is your favourite Ribble bike and why?
Never easy, given our range and my broad love of cycling. However, it would have to be the Ribble Hybrid Trail AL. Versatility is key to my limited leisure time, and as someone with a young active family it is a bike I can utilise in any setting or scenario.




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