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This beautiful collection of alternative Christmas trees makes a real seasonal style statement in any living space

Alternative Christmas trees are excellent for those short on space, for those who fancy a second tree in another room, or for those who simply want something a little bit different.

From realistic looking miniature versions of beautiful trees to wintery pencil pines and Alpine firs and more delicate eucalyptus and olive trees, each with a delicate dusting of light snow, these alternatives are simply stunning!

For those seeking a more contemporary look there are metal trees which create a real statement silhouette in any interior.

These trees are by Cox & Cox, which creates unique homeware collections that encourage homeowners to find their own style and to love every corner of their living space.

Based in Somerset, the collection continues to curate natural style for design lovers of all tastes, with every detail to create a look that is distinct, harmonious and always unique.

Many of the design-led collections are inspired by tradition and trends to offer new ways to transform the homes and gardens of every interior enthusiast. From inspirational furniture, lighting, storage and accessories, Cox & Cox captures the festive season with a timeless aesthetic and effortless style.



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