The Future’s Bright

Technology is constantly changing, and we are always looking for the latest products to enhance our lives and simplify our day to day living, whilst getting the most from the abundance of content now available, writes Chris Shaw

It’s a reality of today. We all have extremely busy lives, so how can we make use of modern-day smart home technology to make this easier and more enjoyable?

Over the past few years smart home technology has rapidly evolved and become much more affordable, making it possible for us all to have access to these latest systems and it should be a serious consideration for any discerning home owner.

The ability to stream high quality 4K UHD videos or the latest music at our convenience is now a reality. With the advent of streamingon-demand services supplied by Apple, Amazon Prime, Netflix, Now TV and BBC iPlayer, we can be more flexible and in control of how we watch the latest content available.

Numerous other new streaming services from the likes of Apple and Disney, are set for release during 2019 and are to become even more a part of our lives, with some surveys suggesting that over 50 per cent of video-watching time is now done this way, as opposed to live TV, whilst streamed music services have more than 229.6 million subscriptions as of mid 2018.

Another emerging technology is voice control. Although still in its infancy, services offered by the likes of Alexa by Amazon, Apple SIRI and Google Home are set to become a more integral part of our lives.

With the ability to integrate voice control into our smart home systems, tasks such as playing your favourite playlist, turning lights on and off, or setting that ambient lighting scene to create the perfect mood for a relaxing evening in, are all possible and no longer limited to the touch of a button.

Whether you’re looking for the latest 4K Dolby Atmos cinema room experience in the comfort of your own home, or a full home control system, encompassing the latest high definition audiovideo distribution, lighting control, home networking, climate control or security, talk to the experts for advice and guidance on how to make the most of this latest technology, whilst future proofing your homes for years to come.



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