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Tedd Walmsley chats to the team at the Black Bull to discover some new and exciting initiatives this Christmas

The Black Bull at Old Langho exudes energy and positivity. The pub has of course been re-invigorated by owners Becky and Jamie Govier and it’s being further propelled forward by the appointment of Gordon Carruthers as General Manager. I met all three of them last week to discuss their exciting plans for November, December and the whole of the festive period.

Sitting by the roaring fire is like stepping back in time to an era of rustic charm and cosy nostalgia. They have found the excellent balance where locals can drop in for a pint and are joined by diners who feel like they’ve discovered the Ribble Valley’s hidden gem. So many of these visitors have become regulars and are welcomed back like old friends. The pub, of course, is open seven days a week which is increasingly uncommon here in the Valley.

As the days grow shorter and the temperature drops The Bull is a haven of warmth and comfort and this extends to a selection of new specials on the menu. They truly reflect the changing seasons and of course, the autumn larder of fantastic ingredients. The Bull classics are always popular, but a growing number of diners enjoy an array of specials, great also for the discerning foodies out there.

I know I keep mentioning the staff and service levels, but they really do set the bar very high. My family recently had a very special event there and the team were faultless and judging by the clean plates, the kitchen did us proud too. Staff training and development is uppermost on Gordon’s agenda, and this shines through in their commitment and dedication.

So what else is new? The new website booking system has taken the heat out of any group bookings and it’s taken customer service to a whole new level – no more scraps of paper or ongoing meetings – the system is effortless and a breeze to use for those tasked with organising their next dining experience.

Gift vouchers are simple to download and will make the perfect Christmas present for those of us who love food and Gordon also explained to me, the new ‘wine by the glass’ option soon to be installed. An exclusive range of wines at every price point will be available to both complement the food and give wine lovers the chance to experiment without committing to a bottle, which is a great way to expand your palate and discover some new favourites.

There is also a new exciting top shelf of whiskies and other top end spirits and plans are to be dawn up for new year whisky tastings to educate us on the perfect drop of scotch and how best to serve it. A new cocktail menu has also just launched, and the masterclasses are proving to be great fun for groups of friends to enjoy.

Becky recognises the importance of celebrating Christmas and New Year with colleagues, friends and family – The Bull is the ideal setting for intimate Christmas parties and is tailored perfectly to smaller groups. It’s the perfect way to relax and be with those that matter most in the festive season.

No Christmas however would be complete without the big man in the red suit making a guest appearance – he’ll be taking time out from a very busy schedule along with one of his elves for the first three weekends in December – booking will be essential between 1pm and 4pm and will surely be a treat not just for the children but for mummy and daddy too.

Boxing Day takes on a very relaxed vibe with great music between 4pm and 9pm to complement your dining experience – these are very special occasions and should prove very popular. For the most up to date information and bookings, please check out the social media platforms and website.

The Bull is always special and with Becky and the team on hand the future of the pub is in very safe hands – I urge you to continue to support their innovation and enjoy yourselves this winter.

The Black Bull
Old Langho Road
Old Langho BB6 8AW
01254 248801



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