Owner of The Well Nest in Whalley, Sara Dewhurst (BSc, MSc, MBPsS) discusses the benefits of embracing wellness psychology and the inspiration behind opening her new business. Photography: Paul Currie

With a history of working in mental health, group facilitation and counselling, Sara Dewhurst has embarked upon her new journey as a wellness psychologist and has successfully opened her own practice in Whalley.

Now specialising in wellbeing and health improvement, she explains her motivations behind this exciting new business venture: “I wanted to offer something that would help people live a more fulfilling life by achieving a healthier body and mind, so I created The Well Nest. I have lived in the Billington and Whalley area all my life and consider myself lucky to be working in Whalley, which complements the nature of my business perfectly with its picturesque setting.”

The Well Nest’s ethos is all about helping clients to live healthier and more fulfilling lives by providing wellbeing support and the mindset training needed to make healthy lifestyle changes. This informs Sara’s core teachings and guides her practices and she is able to focus on clients individually to help them make improvements to their personal and professional lives.

The range of services on offer at The Well Nest include:
• Online and face-to-face support
• Healthy lifestyle coaching
• Workplace wellbeing
• Gym buddying at PLM Health & Fitness, Whalley

Get in touch for more information or to see how The Well Nest can help you.

The Well Nest
PLM Health & Fitness
Abbey Works
Back King Street
Whalley BB7 9SP



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