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Fitness expert Daniel Masters talks us through the benefits of a Masters Fitness Gold Membership

It’s February – a month of the year has already passed so now is the time to sort things out once and for all with the way you look and feel.

Sound familiar?

If you haven’t been active for a while and you’ve ‘kinda’, ‘sorta’ – well never really got going with fitness in the New Year, then take a deep breath. It’s okay. Focusing your energy towards your goal, from today, is what matters.

One reason most people lose energy at this time of the year is low motivation.

Energy from New Year’s resolutions doesn’t last long and once we settle back into our regular work/life routine, it’s hard to find the motivation, or the time, to make this year THE year to reach our dream body goals.

That’s why we created our Gold Membership at Masters Fitness.

It’s designed to help keep you on track and motivate you to reach your goal.

It all starts when you first join. You have a consultation with a personal trainer at our brand-new fitness facility in Brockhall Village.

Then, a full bio-mechanical assessment helps us understand what your programme needs to help you get to where you need to be. Lots of gyms will take your money, point you to the equipment and let you fend for yourself – even if it means using their ‘general’ weight loss programme and potentially causing yourself an injury. Not at Masters Fitness.

Once a month you’ll have a personal training session. Here, you’ll meet with your trainer who will advise on the next steps, update your training programme, and review how you’ve been getting on – this may involve explaining what you need help with and key targets you should aim for over the next few weeks.

They’ll also go over any issues with your technique to ensure you’re doing the exercises correctly – this can help prevent injury and ensure you’re getting maximum impact from your workouts.

You can reach out to your personal trainer at any time via our PT app. It’s simple to use like MyFitnessPal, except with the function to watch specific exercise videos, so you’ll always be doing things correctly – you can ask your trainer a question at a time that suits you.

In the app you can also track your workouts, book a class and log your food. And, one of the best features is that when you update things it’s saved in a secure location and your trainer is notified. This makes things easier when it comes to evaluating your progress and planning the next steps.

Our Gold Membership plan even has an array of extra benefits, like free access to monthly seminars, discounts on supplements, unlimited access to the Masters Fitness gym and unlimited access to all of our fitness classes.

It’s the ultimate gym membership.

If this sounds like THE gym membership you need then let’s motivate you to your dream body shape. Get in touch with Masters Fitness today.

Masters Fitness
Brockhall Village
Old Langho, Blackburn BB6 8AY
01254 790255



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