Contemporary artist Ross Eccles produces dream-like paintings that keep viewers, young and old, enthralled

Ross Eccles, the ever popular Lancashire-born contemporary artist, turned 80 years young in November last, and his motivation and enthusiasm for painting only seems to be increasing with age.

He enthuses about his hopes to continue painting well into the future, and says: “If I paint until I am 100, it is still too short a time, to produce all the works of art I wish to create.”

While the world around us is changing at an ever increasing pace, Ross is an octogenarian who is willing to embrace change in the way he creates art. While he still uses traditional materials, such as pen-and-watercolour and acrylic paint, he is quick to appreciate and use the latest ranges of art materials. These materials include a whole collection of fluorescent colours, inks, textured paints and liquid mediums.

His dream-like paintings are intended to keep the viewer interested, and he says: “It is up to the viewers to make up their own minds, as to what a particular painting means to them. I want to stimulate curiosity!”

Ross says that he still feels young at heart, something easily seen in his colourful and energetic works. He seems to have an art affinity with children, including his own grandchildren. Perhaps it is because of the raw enthusiasm that young children show for art, and their sense of limitlessness and fun, which many grown-ups lack.

It is because of this excitement and enthusiasm that Ross enjoys demonstrating art to schoolchildren. Julie McCabe, who runs Art Decor Gallery with husband Chris, adds: “Over the years our links with both Whalley CE Primary School and Westholme Senior School have enabled Ross to hold workshops there and for the pupils to learn new skills using acrylic paints on canvas to create excellent pieces of work. Ross has also managed to engage both adults and children alike with his talks on how the brain works and his mindset when working artistically.”

Ross is keen to pass on his passion for art to children, as he feels that the pressures of school and after-school life combine to destroy this in-born artistic ability and, more needs to be done to prevent this loss of artistic creativity.

Although Ross believes that a residual ability to appreciate all forms of ‘art’ remains with many adults in later life, even in those who don’t actively follow or pursue the arts. A painting, is of course, something everyone can look upon and come to their own conclusion on its meaning and aesthetic value. Ross enjoys knowing that his artwork resonates with many children and grown-ups alike, all over the world and, he intends to keep creating art for many years to come. Something we can all look forward to!

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