Sarah Varley meets Robert Sands from The Spectacle Factory and customer Mike Faun to find out what makes this thriving company so different. Photography: Samuel Reynolds

The Spectacle Factory is renowned for its vast selection of eyewear and for its use of the very latest technology.

“Everyone wants to look great in their glasses, and they also want the best possible vision. We guide them through a relaxed, fun process designed to guarantee that is exactly what they get,” says eyewear consultant Robert Sands.

The best way to illustrate the unique service The Spectacle Factory offers, is to speak with clients and, one of them, Mike Faun, a minister and celebrant from Lostock Hall, is among the Spectacle Factory’s many happy customers!

“I’d been disappointed with the selection available on the high street,” says Mike.

“I’m quite design-conscious and need to wear glasses all the time so it’s important to me to find the right ones. As soon as I arrived at The Spectacle Factory I saw five different pairs I liked, which never happens to me! As well as the choice, it’s the personal service that I really like.”

“I didn’t feel hurried at all. The eye test was very thorough, the cup of coffee was a lovely touch and getting a photo of myself in each style was amazing!”

“I was able to take the photos away and show my family. I wanted to make the right decision, but I knew I’d go back to The Spectacle Factory as the experience was so positive.”

Mike returned to The Spectacle Factory to narrow his choices down.

“I was advised on which pair best suited my face shape and colouring, which is great reassurance.”

“Even more importantly, the lenses provided are the best I have ever had. I use computers a lot and have suffered from eye strain. In the 12 months since I’ve had these glasses I’ve not had any of these symptoms!”

“I have also struggled with driving at night in terms of the combination of darkness, rain and dazzle from oncoming traffic to the point where I no longer felt confident. The Spectacle Factory recommended night vision lenses designed to eliminate dazzle.”

“I decided to try them. The lenses were put to the test straight away when I had to drive from London to Bournemouth at night in a torrential rainstorm! I could not believe the difference, my vision was amazing. I would definitely recommend The Spectacle Factory to anyone!”

The Spectacle Factory
Unit A, Dewhurst Row
Bamber Bridge, Preston PR5 6BB
01772 312213



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