Investing in well-fitting comfortable shoes will ensure good foot health and help keep you active. Photography: Kirsten Platt

Having trouble finding comfortable, well fitting shoes? ShoeMed in Clitheroe may have the answer. With a specialist foot measuring service and an international collection of stylish, comfortable, well fitting shoes for men and women, they will help you to find shoes that fit.

Correctly fitted shoes are vital to all aspects of our health and wellbeing as foot health problems impact on many aspects of our lives – not least our ability to walk and keep mobile.

It’s important for people at any age to have feet measured, as feet are forever changing in shape and size – especially as we get older. Many people wear shoes that are too short, too long or too narrow or shoes that are not deep enough.

Some people purchase over the internet, not trying before they buy, which can lead to foot problems. Never assume that you can ‘break-in’ uncomfortable shoes. If you persist and continue to wear uncomfortable shoes you can end up damaging your feet.

For the ultimate in comfort pay a visit to ShoeMed where Neil and Julia Howarth have a new member of the team – Cecilia Brown. ShoeMed will professionally measure your feet to ensure you have shoes that fit. No appointment is necessary for this personal, unique service but ShoeMed ask customers to allow at least 40 minutes to an hour for their first visit.

“Many customers say they have wide feet and are having trouble finding shoes that fit and are comfortable, yet we often discover, that it’s actually deeper not wider shoes that are required. Width and depth are often confused,” explains Julia.

Another common problem is customers who are wearing shoes that are too short. If your toes touch the end of your shoes they are simply not long enough. No less than 1cm-1.5cm should be allowed at the front to help prevent bruising, infections, hammer toes, corns and blisters.

With a great selection of spring and summer styles from a variety of brands including Finn Comfort, Joya, Waldlaufer and Legero, which offer different sizes, widths and depths, there is something to fit all different kinds of feet.

As we age feet need more support especially under our arches. Finn Comfort and Joya are two brands that offer this support in their shoes. Both brands have styles with a rocker sole unit to encourage a natural, supported gait. Weight is spread evenly, posture is realigned, reducing the impact on joints, and pressure is relieved at the front and heel of the foot, which can ease the pain caused by problems such as bunions, arthritis, Plantar Fasciitis and Morton’s Neuroma.

At any age it’s worth investing in well fitting shoes. Call in to ShoeMed and meet the experts who can help keep your feet fit for life!

ShoeMed – so much than just shoes.

32D King Street, Clitheroe BB7 2EP
01200 425399

Open Wednesday to Saturday: 10am-5pm
Public car parking adjacent



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