Nish Vasant helps people of all ages who have hearing problems, helping them to re-engage and become part of society again. Photography: Kirsten Platt

When father-of-two Dan Ainsworth lost the hearing in his left ear eight years ago, little did he know how it would impact almost all aspects of his life.

Without a medical explanation, doctors attributed it to an unexplained infection: “To be honest I struggled. It affected me a lot and I felt very isolated socially and as a result I suffered from depression,” recalls Dan.

After trying out an NHS prescribed bi-cross hearing aid system – then a single-sided system, over the years Dan began to lose faith in finding anything that would enable him to hear and function normally.

When Dan began researching Starkey hearing aid systems, he made an enquiry and was put in touch with Nish Vasant of Fresh Hearing in Haslingden.

Nish is an expert in high-tech hearing solutions that are tailored to an individual’s lifestyle.

Dan explains: “In August I went to see Nish at Fresh Hearing for a hearing test. He reassured me from the start there would be something that would help me deal with my hearing loss. He reassured me that the technology available now would definitely be suitable for me and my situation.”

After consultations with Nish it was decided that a Starkey Evolv AI, ultra-discreet, behind-the-ear hearing aid would be the best solution – and it has transformed Dan’s life!

“Going to Nish at Fresh Hearing really has given me a new lease of life,” says Dan, who works as a production manager.

“The hearing aid communicates with my phone and when I double tap it goes into ‘Edge’ mode, focusing on the sounds around me – when I need it. It’s artificial intelligence-led – it’s very intuitive, so it helps in conversations adapting to the sounds around me.

“Before I got the hearing aid I struggled to have conversations at work when the machines were operating but now, I am comfortable to show visitors around and chat to them and it doesn’t matter if the machines are on or which side the person I am talking to is on.”

As an established sound performance industry leader, Starkey has taken the Evolv AI to new heights, so that adjustments are instantaneous even in the most challenging listening situations.

Like Dan, wearers can hear speech comfortably even in busy settings, while unwanted noise is suppressed.

It also connects via Bluetooth® to your smart phone enabling the wearer to make and receive phone calls and stream music.

“It’s generally made me more confident and talkative – and much happier,” says Dan, whose wife Sarah immediately noticed a difference in Dan’s confidence.

Delighted to be able to help Dan, Nish of Fresh Hearing, concluded: “It has been such a rewarding process helping Dan finally hear. The new Starkey Evolv AI range has been a game changer. Just having the ability to switch into ‘Edge’ mode with a click of a button means that customers are able to hear so much better in background noise environments.”

Fresh Hearing
65 Lower Deardengate
Haslingden BB4 5SN
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