Preston has a long and prestigious history. Today it is a bustling city boasting top high street stores, smaller independent retailers and, of course, its wonderful traditional markets

Starting out life small, Preston was established early on as an important market town. The name Preston is based on the Anglo Saxon ‘priest’s town’ indicating an early settlement of religious origin.

In Georgian times elegant homes and buildings were erected along picturesque streets and the town was an upscale social hub for the gentry in the 17th century – it was a place for the fashionable and well to do.

The industrial revolution soon changed this and when new age wealthy professionals ushered in a new kind of society, the upper classes jumped ship leaving their grand homes to the latest influx of influential workers who were making their own money.

In 1850 Karl Marx visited the town hailing Preston as the next St Petersburg!

Preston’s status as one of the major towns of the North West is reflected in the fact that it became the first town outside London to have its streets lit by gaslight.

In the 1800’s the railway was introduced to Preston connecting the town to Manchester and London, and other major cities – it was a halfway point on long journeys from Glasgow to London and that remains true to this day.

Today Preston is well known for many things not least the Preston Guild a time honoured tradition. It is also now a thriving city having been awarded that status in 2002 as part of Queen Elizabeth’s Golden Jubilee celebrations.



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