Mastering The Art Of Coffee

From planting a coffee tree to barista training, Blue Cherry Coffee’s journey to perfection ends in your cup. Photography: Kirsten Platt

Whether it’s an essential pick-me-up or an affordable indulgence, a great cup of coffee has the power to transform your day. Meet Chris Tattersall, the visionary behind Blue Cherry Coffee, who is dedicated to making the quest for the perfect cup more accessible throughout the region.

Blue Cherry Coffee specialises in providing everything necessary for a diverse range of businesses to establish and offer coffee services. This includes coffee shops, cafes, restaurants, pubs, hotels, farm shops, universities, leisure centres and offices.

Chris, the founder, transitioned from working as a barista during his university days to entering the world of wholesale and supply. He honed his expertise in roasting, blending and tasting high-quality specialty graded coffees. With three decades of experience, he understands the profound impact a great cup of coffee can have on your day.

Teaming up with his longtime friend and business partner, Joseph Lanzante, Chris leveraged their skills, experience and connections to create a comprehensive trade supplier. Interestingly, their journey began over a cup of coffee!

“We cover everything related to coffee, from the machine to the bean,” explains Chris. “Once we understand the specifics of the operation’s type and size, we handle the entire setup process. Our machines come with a fully installed three-year parts and labour warranty. We don’t just supply coffee, we also offer ancillary products such as cups, sugar and a variety of teas.”

From planting a coffee tree to the first crop, all the way to your cup, the journey takes six years. However, a barista can either perfect or ruin that process in just six seconds! Chris emphasises continuous support for customers through barista training to ensure the perfection of their coffee in every cup.

When it comes to coffee, Blue Cherry Coffee specialises in 100 per cent Arabica specialty grade coffee sourced from four renowned coffee-growing regions worldwide. Chris insists on supplying it in compostable packaging, promoting minimal waste for maximum taste.

For a complimentary tasting demonstration, contact Chris to arrange a session. You can even challenge him to a blind tasting with your current coffee.

Now featured in restaurants and coffee shops, simply keep an eye out for the distinctive Blue Cherry sign. Here’s to raising a cup to that!

Blue Cherry Coffee
07803 816138



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